7 Bluetooth Water Speakers for a Visual Music Experience That Syncs With Your Tunes

With built-in LED lighting and normal water airplanes, these sound systems will add visible sparkle to your preferred music. Here are a few choices value your interest.

1. SoundSOUL Water Speakers With 4 LED Lights

Available in four shades, these water sound system by SoundSOUL are a popular option, with four LED lighting and a built-in firm for better sound quality. Linking the sound system to your preferred system occurs via a wired 3.5-millimeter audio port.


2. Crayola Bluetooth Dancing Water Speakers

The vibrant dance water sound system by Crayola have Wireless relationship, so you don’t have to worry about any cables. Each presenter has three LED lighting. A 3.5-millimeter audio wire is also available in case you prefer a wired relationship.


3. SoundSOUL Dancing Water Speakers

This three-speaker 2.1-channel installation by SoundSOUL is easily the most capable option in this roundup. It includes two satellite TV sound system and a highly effective bass presenter with eight water airplanes. You can link your preferred device to the sound system via Wireless 4.0 or via a standard audio port.


4. NAXA Electronics NHS-2009 Dancing Water Light Tower Speaker

The NAXA Electronic devices NHS-2009 water presenter has a cool structure design, Wireless and wired sound connection, as well as a built-in FM radio. A tad below 22 inches wide high, the device has two sound motorists for an improved sound experience. A remote device is also included with the device.


5. Svance Dancing Water Speaker

The Svance dance water presenter has an awesome design, 360-degree sound distribution, and several connection options. The latter include Wireless, a conventional sound port, and even the capability to play content from a microSD card.


6. Sharper Image Dancing Water Bluetooth Speaker

The Sharper Image portable dancing water speaker has Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a compact design, which makes it perfect for a desk or a table. In addition to Bluetooth, there’s also the option to use a wired audio connection. A rechargeable battery is also among the gadget’s key features.


7. SoundSOUL Water Speakers With 6 LED Lights

These SoundSOUL water sound system have six LED lighting, so they’ll provide a little bit fancy graphics than the four-LED design we already described. A conventional sound port is the only connection option you get. There are three shades out there.


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