#1 Tennessee vs #3 Georgia Football Game Highlights 11 5 2022

#1 Tennessee vs #3 Georgia Football Game Highlights 11 5 2022 I do not intend to claim copyright on any uploaded game video. I apologize for any violation of the fair use rule and I will remove the videos immediately if there are any copyright issues.

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  1. I'm watching Mississippi State and Georgia the referee should be fine for their blatant one-sided calling us files I saw me and hold it to Jersey of a bleaching player and then shoved him from behind no call many no calls on the referees part they must have money on the game should destroys people believe in football I'm stopping watching football I'm sick of the referee destroying a good game

  2. I know there are plenty of highlights to choose from in this game, but how in the hell does a 75 YARD PUNT, a beautiful coffin-corner kick going out at the one yard line off the foot of the Dawgs' punter Brett Thorson, NOT make this highlight reel? TBH a few of the "oh, let's include this," segments really didn't add that much. And you kinda end up wondering in the first quarter how it went from UGA's ball to Tenn backed up in their own end zone. How that happened, is kind of a table-setter.

  3. They way my boy throws the ball it look like magic, perfect in every possible way perfect spirals everytime
    Why tenn's QB just literally stand there no bouncing or moving just standing like a statue before he throws, bad form smh

  4. I can imagine this guy editing this film and seeing the most perfect punt you can make in a football game and deciding, "Nah. I'm not gonna include that."

  5. Best sports recapping on you tube and how did the Vols get past the best team in America to get to number one I will never know what they are thinking 🤔

  6. As a Tennessee fan we've had a solid o-line all year. Georgia made them look like a middle school o-line!! Georgia is for real and will win it all with that defense.

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