1. 1 Remake announcements
    2 Dormant franchises coming back
    3 Horror games
    4 Linear games
    5 Indie games
    6 Marvel announcements
    7 Ea likes single player games again
    8 Subscriptions services
    9 Day and date game pass releases
    10 Fighting game announcements
    11 Shorter gaps between announcement and release
    12 Behind the scenes looks at early development
    13 film and tv adaptation
    14 Pokémon is good again

  2. 2023 Might Be The Year That a Remake Will Win GOTY.
    I Thought That The RE2-Remake Should've Won In 2019.
    But Instead Of Being Real , Gaming Channels Were SmartAsses Choosing SEKIRO Or CONTROL Over It.

  3. Pokemon is Good again… That made me laugh 😂.
    2022 had some very good trends starting and hopefully we'll see more good trends in 2023 develop.
    One of the trends I liked the most was the Behind the scenes development… It's nice to get an idea of how a game is coming along as we wait for it to be finished. It didn't hurt the game to have the Devs show us what they're working on at that moment and honestly it actually helps to keep the hype and interest in the game going as gamers appreciate getting those little Behind the Curtain moments with the Devs.

  4. Idk if I'd say subscription services are a good trend or a bad trend, but I'm worried they will become too big and have the same issues we see with TV and movie subscription services now

  5. Subscription services are not good – at all – it's DRM with a shiny coat of glitter paint to distract you from the fact that it's DRM. Much like Blizzard and a plethora of other companies, they're doing their level best to piss of older audiences to attract newer ones with increasingly abusive DRM. Before and still always online, or making games online when they don't have to be like Diablo 3 and PoE, and now with GaaS. Fuck. You.

    A good trend would be the permadeath of micro-transactions and loot boxes – including in gatcha games. They're glorified gambling.

  6. I dont understand why people are that supportive of subscription services for games. It won't stay the same.

    It will only keep increasing in price ( as Microsoft will already start doing) and adding more and more expensive tiers and removing options from the lower tiers as time goes on. It'll follow what happened with netflix.

    I wouldn't be surprised if as a result of more people switching to subscription services to play games, it has a knock on effect for full game purchases. Why launch a game cheaper or offer much discounts when the minority of purchases will be just subscribers.

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