$1500 MSI GE76 Raider Gaming Laptop #shorts #gaminglaptop

MSI GE76 Raider Specs: Intel i7 RTX 3060

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  1. i got msi ge66 because everyone is talking about how good it is. But after a year of using it, its trash. My fan broke days before warranty ran out. (Ive never dropped it). I repaired my fan and months later my screen broke for no damn reason (no scratch,
    no broken screen). Display is gone. Got it checked my different technicians and all said that its the manufacturer’s fault. Beside these major issues, my ge66 would lag crazy without charging it. In order for me
    to actually play a game(any sort of game, even one that dont require high fps) will literally lag. So i had to plug in my laptop all the time. The only thing i can do while its not on charge is watch yt or browse on the internet. And the audacity to say the battery lasts for up to 7hrs is a lie. First 3 months that I got my laptop, battery lasted for about 1-2 when you’re not gaming. Definitely less than an hour if you’re gaming. Another cons,
    msi customer service is absolutely trash. They dont care about you, they only care about money

  2. Not a bad laptop but there are much better deals out there. A lot of 3070 laptops have been going on sale for 1500 or less. Plus this laptop doesn't have a good screen and it's not color accurate and doesn't get that bright. I just picked up an aorus 17x with a 2080 super and that gets much better performance for 1500

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