1984 Georges Jobe and the Hawkstone park double jump over Andre Malherbe

Made at the 1984 British 500 Grand Prix, Jobe’s amazing pass over Andre Malherbe in front of an electrified crowd immortalized…

Watch More Here!


  1. Georges Jobe was one of the toughest hardest most skilled riders of his generation , In an era where there were 8 or 9 world champions on the 500cc grid. The battles he had with Thorpe, Malherbe, Geboers , Carlqvist, Nicholl were stuff of legend. Georges was the only man to do the double jump in the race. The first man over it though was the American Phil Larson in Fridays practice session.

  2. There was a Kawasaki advert on the back page of Trials and Motocross news for years with a picture of Malherbe in the pit with Jobe flying in the sky above him. The caption was. "Who Can Catch a Kawasaki"…. I wonder how many bikes that advert sold. Brilliant.

  3. I'd heard about this pass over the double that Jobe made, but until now only saw it in fotos. Very cool to see the video, thanks for posting!

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