2023's Best Value Graphics Card? | RX 6900 XT


Benchmarking the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT against 10 popular and recent games on an average gaming PC in 2022. Thanks to…

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  1. This video is SO WELL MADE from top to bottom, i see what you are doing and is highly appreciated. Thank you for this kind of content!

  2. Snagged one of these instead of a 3080 so I could put the difference into other aspects of my build. It arrives later this week, and I'm stoked! First time going with a full AMD build!

  3. I've had a reference rx 6800 for almost 2 years now and its been great the whole time, a few weird driver bugs like stuttering in video playback in web browsers, gpu driver hang when using hardware accelerated video encoding but these things have been fixed thankfully, its very fast and I can find myself setting games to very high or max and easily getting 120fps in 1440p

  4. If you gave a free choice between the 6900XT or the RTX3050, 95% of non enthusiasts/casuals would choose the RTX 3050… because Nvidia reasons… sad times we live in.

  5. Honestly the best $600 i spent on a gpu ever. I have the powercolor red devil aswell and it just shrugs everything off. Even better cause i play at 1440p

  6. well, i bought it. i found a used one that was super cheap, around the price of a 3070. there's no declining that kind of deal. for what i use, it solved all my problems. but it's very clear to me that this card isn't endlessly powerful. I like my 1% lows to be at 90 or higher, and this does this very decently on everything i play, paired with my 5800X3D. i think i can safely skip the next gen of gpus.

  7. I picked up a "xfx speedster merc 319 amd radeon™ rx 6900 xt limited black" for just under 600 a monthish ago, from my understanding its basically a 6950xt in everything but name. I could not be happier, was running a 2080S and had plenty of processing power but kept running out of vram, do not foresee myself changing his card for quite a long time. Edit: this card also overclocks like a champ and stays ice cold as it is bigger than the 4090 💀. If you're gonna buy this card be well aware of that, I have about 1mm of clearance in my case and I have to play Jenga to get it in and out.

  8. Regional pricing kills AMD where I live. The 3090 is an objectively better product and I can get one for the same price(granted there are still brands of 3090 higher)

  9. I have RX6900XT Tuf Gaming OC with 5800X and in Red Dead Redeption 2 on 1440p I have max 150 fps, avg 125 fps and min 80 fps with max settings (not inc. advanced settings).
    But I don't why, my GPU draw 260W. I OC to 2500Mhz and UV to 1115mV + 30% power limit. OH and I have WC system, so my GPU stays at 45C° 😀
    I think you just upgrade your CPU 🙂 and you will be fine.

  10. People ought to go directly for the 6950 XT. There are unresolved bugs with the 6900 XT which don't exist with the 6950. Also, don't go for 4K. You might be getting good FPS in God of War but that's only because it's well optimized. The same is true for the RTX 4090. Sadly, GPUs are not yet ready for solid 4K performance at all. Lastly, expect to pay around 800-900 USD for a decent 4K screen.

  11. I've had mine since Christmas 2020. Payed a small fortune for it and damn it has come so far since then. It was initially a little underwhelming but when FSR can out… Cyberpunk now runs at max settings (including Ray tracing) for 1440p at around 30fps. Which is enough. Before FSR it was running at 19ish fps.

  12. i can buy one right now for 730 euros, but i'm asking myself if i shouldn't wait for the 7900 xt wich will be 1100 euros in europe, i plan on only playing in 2k. what's u guy's advice?

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