#4 Kentucky vs Michigan State | 2022 College Basketball Highlights

Kentucky vs Michigan State Highlights from the 2022-2023 College Basketball Season #CBB #CollegeBasketball #CBBHighlights If you haven’t already, watch the Victors Valiant discord https://discord.gg/zVEYSjdyRM


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  1. Great game!!!! A lot of good interesting prospects in this game! Talked about it more on my Yotube channel, check it out for the full breakdown!!!!!!!

  2. Ok Michigan fan here that enjoys trolling Michigan state. Impressive start to the year! Congrats. Never thought izzo with a quiet off-season would take virtually the same squad from last year and turn it around into a team that can possibly play deep into march. I know it's early but you can't tell me it's a fluke. Should've beat the zags and now Kentucky? Wow. Sissoko is shedding that bust label too. Beast.

  3. Just found your channel – super thanks for doing these!

    If I could, I would say that it might be helpful (in some situations) to include (edited: more) FTs made in your highlights… More than once, in a late game situation, team x would make a bucket to go up 2, but the next highlight has the teams tied (or some similar situation–I would assume because of FTs).

    Otherwise, I'm thankful I found your channel so I can catch up on the games I missed in quick fashion. 🙂

  4. 2 chances at icing the game with free throws and go 1-2 both times to just give up 2 wide open dunks. Kentucky deserved to lose this game. And what was Wallace doing at the end of regulation. Instead of taking the shot he passes to Toppin. They couldn’t stop Hauser, but MSU did a good job of keeping Fredrick from getting the ball or open shots. But he has to do a better job to get himself open.

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