4 Tips on How to Eat Right – Sadhguru

Sadhguru shares 4 practical tips for eating in a way that makes you healthy – naturally and effortlessly. To watch this video in…

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  1. Doctors and dietitians are so confusing. One said bananas, my favorite fruit, are good for you, another said don't eat them or cut back. I've eaten them since I was a young boy and I'm 82.

  2. Whats he even talkin about? I wash my own dishes by hand always have. Im asians. Were suuuuper clean with our hygiene and sanitation. Im korean. We vaccuum minimum 2-3 fimes a week. Once a week scrub and sanitize tubs toilets and emtire house. Every sat we are cleaning. We have lived this way for generation. Who the heck eats with their hands? Its a lower class thing. Do you know how incredibly long you have to wash your hands for to get all of the germs off completely after a long days of being out in public? Trust me using chopsticks that’s brand new and disposable or the utensils that you’ve washed in hot water and scrubbed with soap by hand is absolutely the more cleaner route. I am way more confident in that than my hands and I think I’ve stated my case I’m pretty clean.

  3. So what you share makes so much sense. Tell me why when I went to eating like that I lost all my muscle mass, gained more fat and yet lost 14 pounds and lost so much strength and energy? I have since gone back to eating every 3-4 hours, I have regained my weight, energy some strength. So now what shall I do? I am so confused.

  4. India is one of the oldest civilization on the planet. Indians knew what is best based on experience. Our food, cloths, culture and festivals were all based in logic and beneficial the whole society. But modernization and west influence is causing lot of damage to the current generation.

  5. Strangely enough, your body is very flexible and accommodating in your change of eating habit. For over a year now, I've been consciously eating only one meal a day and doing my daily exercises of 5-mile walk or 15-mile bike daily; in combination with 1-hr of weight lifting daily… and, surprisingly enough… my body have adapted to these changes. I don't feel hungry until meal time and still maintain my level of energy throughout the day as normal as before the changes. Deep down to the molecular level, our atomic make up does adapt accordingly to our bodily changes.

  6. Funny how white people act like Indians eat with their hands when white people eat with their hands too when they eat chicken tenders and french fries gosh white people are so arrogant and it's so funny to how their arrogant when everything they go everything we got is from Brown people everything all the food we eat comes from Brown Nations literally everything we have we stole it

  7. I really enjoy home-cooked foods made fresh at home with family and friends Also you know that your food is clean last time I fasted I started to eat with my hands and I had the best baked potato that ever was the food tasted so different I was humbled it’s it’s like I tasted my food for the first time I was very grateful I think more people need to pay attention not take Thanks for granted taste your food it’s beautiful

  8. I can't debate his good point about this very advanced relationship with our food. How many times have I eaten one of my favorite foods only to feel depleted of life force afterward and thinking there is something definitely wrong with my food selections.

  9. Western society is the only society that went away from this concept. The rest of the world from Africa to Asia does this as normal. Their is so much gluttony in the western world that it has literally increased the probability of sickness in all of mankind. It was a need not as a want.

  10. We need to balance physical with spiritual wellness to survive our earthly existence wch is temporary further discovering that life cycle is both physical and spiritual energy in this vast universe.

  11. I do believe that diet depends on our lifestyle, eat what you think gave nutrients and at the same time energy into your body for you to consume while doing your work, we ate not because of its taste but because of the nutrients that it benefits into our body.

  12. I eat 1 meal a day too and your right I get told the same thing eat lots yes I've heard of intermittent fasting but what is the consequences. I agree with you very much very well expalined great talk Thank you

  13. very nice video sir, even this was explained thousands of years ago by ancient acharyas, how to eat food, do and dont's related to food intake. I also came to know about this when dr. Vikram Chauhan from planet Ayurveda guided me on this.

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