1. Woooow, av been looking for this simple video cause I didn't have all the required ingredients …. Thenks so much am now going to try it out…. Bt what if you don't have that jollof mix what else can you use

  2. Can it be done in a rice cooker?
    If yes does mix go in with rice and all cook at once
    Cook mix first then put in rice cooker with rice
    (asking because of oil)

  3. I finally tried out this tasty tom recipe and I have to say that it was delicious. I even did a cooking practical in school and everyone LOVED rice. Some even said that it tasted better than the school's rice😂😂. Thank you so much

  4. Been battling to eat rice but can’t make jollof rice 🍚…
    Watched this video and I’m about to give it a nice 😊… Just hoping it goes well

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