5 Reasons Galaxy S22 Ultra DESTROYS the iPhone 14 Pro Max

In this video I give you 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra breaks the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the iPhone 14 Pro Max are the best smartphones money can buy from 2 giants, so it’s best to know why one is better. —————————– FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA —————– Follow me on twitter : http://twitter.com/sakitechonline
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  1. I'm an android fan but I know for a fact that you can multitask on an iPhone because I had the iPhone 13 and I could do it on that.

  2. Switched from a 12 pro max to the s22u about 4 months ago. Some apps have small issues, I customized it once since I bought it, 100x zoom… useless to be honest, never used the spen, speakers are garbage. Beautifull display, cant argue with that! But if you are used to iphone for 12 years like me, this wont cut it. It is a good phone, no doubt. But it does not feel premium in any way and the curved display makes me nuts too

  3. You are the only one speaks the truth about the Samsung galaxy even tho the iPhone has a better processor the Samsung can do may more than what the iPhone can do. Can image packing all of that on a iPhone… you will be running out of batteries without touching the iPhone.

  4. dude iPhone has better camera.people just compare the zoom but there more to it then the zoom look at mrwhosetheboss’s vid of iPhone 14 pro max vs s22 ultra

  5. Well for me samsung might be superior with the os but the battery always a problem mine becomes a balloon every samsung i had that I don't use anymore so i change into g pixel

  6. At this point, it's more about personal preference. Both phones are amazing in their own way. I love android and always will but i have an iphone because i don't use all of androids amazing features.

  7. It's gonna be interesting switching from an iphone to a samsung. 🙂 I am quite excited knowing some of the stuff the samsung can do which the iphone can't.
    thanks again for another great video.

  8. I'm nearly 3 weeks into owning the s22 ultra. I can honestly say the face recognition and fingerprint scan are awful. I've always had android phones but for several months I've used a iPhone xs max (4 years old in excellent condition) that was given to me to try out before deciding what phone to go with on a new contract. The xs max face recognition is far superior.

    I'm not completely sold on the s22 ultra. Yes, the camera is looking really good and the S-pen is a cracking little gizmo. I'm also finding the battery on the s22 ultra to be poor also. I'm restricting charging to the 85% limit as its recommended but the percentage drops rapidly with light use. Either the battery is faulty or its just plain shit!

    I'm thinking I should have waited for the 13 pro max to come back in stock. I hope I'm proven wrong!

  9. Where have apple idolisers been for last 15 years. I have been using most of these benefits and features, such as split screen since the galaxy s2 and note2 days.

  10. Been an android fanfor better part of 13 years always on flagship Samsung devices decided to upgrade to the iPhone 14 promax for shits and giggles not turning back. Sure there are things that iPhones can’t do that android can. I consider myself a power user and do a lot of weird shit like emulators and Roms but to me iOS feels way more polished, and the Face ID is 1000 times quicker than the fingerprint reader. The devices Samsung makes anyhow, feel cheap as to where I’ve noticed. The iPhone 14 promax feels of superior quality even compared to my S 21 ultra They each have their strengths and weaknesses but for me anyhow, this phone has made me reconsider Apple more specifically iOS as a whole to each is own, I guess in fact, up until very recently, I was pro android. I had the ability to get either or not disappointed with my decision.

  11. These are all software features so let’s just blame apple for not allowing features like the Samsung. My bro has the Ultra S22 & I always had the IPhone currently the 14 Pro. I agree that the extra features on the Samsung phones are great lots of customization compared to my iPhone. The fact that apple doesn’t even allow actual landscape mode for the home apps is so annoying. When you hold your phone vertically it should have the home apps rotate as well, a feature that I was able to install back in the day when my iPhone 6 was jailbroken & didn’t even have that much real estate compared to the 14 Pro. It’s really annoying that these things can be easily accessible if apple allows on the iPhones. Years will pass by they will just add couple “new” features when in fact Samsung phones had them yrs ago! I know they want to perfect everything into their ecosystem but come on already we are paying tons of money the least they can do is offer more cooler features!

  12. In the beginning of 2022 I was between 13 pro max or the newly released s22 ultra . because of the first reviews some people where complaining about bugs and problems with the s22 I decided to go with the 13 pro max , being on a on off Android and ios user , got fed up with iPhone with is released iPhone 14 being the exact same phone for now 4 consecutive years 😑
    2 weeks ago decided to buy an s21 ultra for very cheap price, and guess what.
    My iPhone has been in my drawer since then .
    Feels Iike I got a way more advance phone, and got out to being stuck back to 2018 ,
    Display is soo much smoother and color are more vibrant
    I don't get confused anymore in public when I hear the same ringtone from everyone else (marimba) 😂😂 .
    And I can go on an on with how much better Samsung has overcome Apple

  13. this video is bias all im gonna say, both phones are good but you can see this guy is an android user by the way he compares them

  14. For meniphone14 is still the best. Even after 4 years… my iphone 7plis is atill working and you can still play moder game even year 2022zz. But on samsung aging since 2017… its not working anymore

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