#5 Tennessee vs South Carolina Highlights | College Football Week 12 | 2022 College Football

South Carolina vs Tennessee Highlights (Tennessee vs South Carolina) | 2022 College Football Highlights. South Carolina…

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  1. Oh man gamecock fan and of course happy for the team. Not been much to crow about this year until now. But what’s also nice is that a lot SEC teams snd fans from around the conference are really excited about the SC win too. So cool. May be a first.

  2. Thank you South Carolina. You executed karma on Tennessee for running up the score on Mizzou. Hey there Tennessee, you reap what you sow! 😉 Vaughn 🐯

  3. Man I'm so happy for Spencer rattler he deserves that. I hope this helps him get over the hump mentally the kid is a phenomenal player. Again I'm very happy for him

  4. Tennessee gone feel real damn stupid abt being mad at funnymaine and storming the field after they beat bama. They ass way out of the playoff conversation. Go dawgs

  5. Ladies and gentlemen I hate to bring this to the conversation of the college football playoffs this is getting ready to make a lot of people angry a lot and some it may not even bother the college football playoff rankings are rigged by the committees Clemson did not even face a rank opponent to be moved up to rank 7 so Clemson wasn't even post been able to even make it but seems to me they're trying to make it where Clemson will make it Michigan is no longer number three they are ranked for TCU is ranked 3 Michigan is ranked 4 USC is ranked 5 LSU is ranked 6 Clemson 7 Alabama 8 Tennessee is 9 an Oregon is 10 I believe they should do away with the college football playoffs and go back to where they used to be with the BCS because I believe it's un called for the committees are helping certain teams to make it when I shouldn't be able to so I declare the college football playoffs committees have officially been exposed as a fraud

  6. Let me just say this. SC played the perfect game and nothing can take that away from them. Rattler was on fire. As for everyone calling Tennessee overrated they're just plain wrong. Tennessee has proven to be 1 of the best teams this season and anyone who says otherwise is literally high. 1 bad lose doesn't take away their impressive resume.

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  8. A Bama fan and I thought Gamecocks played a great game. Rocky top was out played and that shows any team can lose even though they may be the better one. Hope South Carolina kicks dumbo swinney and clemmons butt 😂 Roll Tide and Roll Game Cock 🐓

  9. Well I’m glad they beat Tennessee I would put my tigers on Upset alert if we we’re going to South Carolina but their coming to us and we haven’t lost at home since 2016 so Rattle Snake is going to be facing a Real Defense and Tennessee didn’t have one so if we Pressure him all game Clemson wins by 40 but I see a 21 point win for Clemson but only if we can Stop Turning the ball over to damn much

  10. From 11:0511:18 is just so stupid that the ref needs his eyes checked. That other ref was RIGHT in front of it and that ref called it a personal foul. Fire them!!!!!!!!! Fire them!!!!!! Fire them!!!!!!!!

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  12. 2:24..I'm from Memphis & ja Morant play for Tennessee but he from here & wen they hit da griddy I was cheesing too hard cause ja got our city turnt… I was mad a bit ..usc jus wanted it more..& y'all stadium look cool,like outer space football the way those lights shape..

  13. Big win for my gamecocks 💪🏿🔥sidebar for all you Vols fans you ran up the score a week ago you scored a TD with over a minute left when you just could've taken a knee

  14. South Carolina deserves respect they may not have had much time in the top 25 but they’ve proved themselves against GA and dominanted Tennessee!

  15. They ran out of fireworks to celebrate too many touchdowns! C'mon guys, you didn't expect your team could rack up score 63pts? So now you have confidence in your SC team. Be ready, next game they might put up 100 pts!

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