5 Tips Every Medical Student Needs to Know #SHORTS

Here are five things I wish I knew before starting medical school. Number one is knowing how to maximize your studies. You have a …

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  1. Don’t quit – here is why.
    – My good friend started working maybe mid-late 30’s bc he is a Surgeon. He told me he had maybe 1/2 million in debt once finished. 7 years later he tells me, money will never ever be an issue bc he paid all the debt back and bought many rental properties & had piles of cash piled up hidden somewhere! He is now 44yrs. old! Keep studying!

  2. Ty for such Wonderful tips
    These tips are needed for every student to know, let it be from any field.
    So, Maybe change the title
    Also the thumbnail is quite irrelevant-

  3. I’m not exactly a med student but this is so needed. I needed to hear this so badly and especially because I’ve been depressed and not taking care of myself. I say I’m not exactly a med student because I’m pursuing education, but I’m also pursuing pharmacology

  4. They made this 10x more difficult than necessary. Make college 2 years for basic sciences. Make med school 6 years and much less stressful. I went to med school in Europe and had a blast, hitchhiked around Europe 3 times, and came out with no debt after working part time. Passed all US exams very easily, finished radiology residency well, and worked for many years.

  5. For the last tip, I recommend setting a definitive goal instead of time. "I'm gonna work on this paper for two hours" makes you less productive than "doing my daily 1000 words on this paper today" or 500 words per day even, the sooner you start, the better.

  6. I have struggles on disciplining myself and keeping on focus but Imma work on that co'z next year I'm gonna be a med student. Which I am excited about but nervous at the same time.

  7. To all dreamers out there, don't ever let the world's negativity disenchant you or your spirit. If your surround yourself with love and with right people, Anything is possible.

    Cheering for you✨

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