6-2! ENGLAND vs IRAN (World Cup 2022 Highlights Goals Bellingham Rashford Kane not Saka)

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  1. As an Iranian I'm so glad to see this result… actually all Iranian were so happy after the Islamic Republic lost the match cause they were playing for dictatorships and proud to do that….when dictators are killing us especially young children they celebrated their qualifying with the government at the same time their teammate Soroush Rafiei was arrested by the government and Parviz Boroumand Former Iran national Gk is still in jail for supporting Iranian protests and yesterday they called Yahya Gol Mohammadi the Fc Persepolis manager to explain why supporting people and maybe arrest him too… we hated them so much especially Mehdi Taremi, Vahid Amiri, Mehdi Torabi and Alireza Jahan Bakhsh pls don't call them Iran national team they are not Iran they are the Islamic Republic …..
    people in Iran are killed by the Islamic Republic forces every day and we have no time to care about football…
    we are in an unfair war….we all celebrating their beat and wish that happen again against Walse and USA

  2. I am not sure if you just look at the game or know the peripheral news about what is going on in Iran for the last two months. Don't forget that the Iranian team's morality is low due to what is happening there. There were hundreds of petitions written by Iranians asking FIFA to remove the team from the world cup. The players were under constant pressure from the people not to play for this regime and even their own fans who were the majority at the stadium were chanting against them which worked in England's favor.

  3. As an Iranian, I'm so glad England beat the Islamic Republic team, this team is not Iran and none of our people cheer for this team. A lot of our people are getting killed by the regime because of the protests we're having.
    We want a free and happy life just like others
    Help us
    FREE IRAN💙❤️

  4. Wondering if Saka being edited out is a reference to WeAreTottenhamTV editing out Saka’s goals in the match highlights. 😂😂😂

  5. Finally England is realising its full potential of top class English Premier League players…. Or is it just a one -off?? We'll know more as the WC progresses…

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