A Perfect World


Academy Award winner Kevin Costner (“The Bodyguard,” “Dances with Wolves”) is set in 1963 Texas and plays an escaped convict.

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  1. An escape convict who had some good in him and used that goodness to give a little boy the kind of life he never had. And I guess he became a father figure. A Texas Ranger that had a history with Butch and tried to take him alive. I could only say this movie was good.

  2. An excellent screenplay with Eastwood and Costner working together … plenty of conflict … wonderful direction;
    terrific acting; and a heartfelt story. Very nice job! 4 Stars

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  4. I have 48 hours to watch this film and I had to wear a headset with the volume completely turned up so I could hear the dialogue in the film. it not only makes me angry because of the incompetence of YouTube it also makes me angry that I have paid for good quality and got third rate. it's getting close to where I cancel my interest in YouTube and pay foreign confidence!

  5. one complaint volume I've got my volume maxed out with Transformers the whole nine yards and you cannot hear the movie if you're two foot away from it. If I pay for something I expect to get good quality if I'm continue to get bad quality with volume or the way the movie has been copied I will just continue as a customer of YouTube! that's not a threat it's a absolute guarantee"

  6. movie drags way too much it shouldn't have been more than 100 min and what's with the 20 minutes scenes with the black southern family, that was tedious to watch and what's up with the glorification of a criminal scumbag, the costner character? 5/10

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