Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

dr. Judy shares that Aaron Carter claims to be clean and sober, but true sobriety means not using any substances, including marijuana. Aaron shares that he is quitting today. He also opens up about his addiction to panting and says he’s been doing it since he was 16 when his now-deceased sister Leslie suggested it to him. Aaron also finds out that after leaving rehab, he had a panting relapse and drove back to rehab. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDoctors
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  1. He wasnt sober before his passing 😢. Watching his lives for the last few weeks, he was still smoking marijuana, and still huffing 😪💔

  2. What she just said about weed proves that these so called doctors who claim to know about drug addiction, know NOTHING. I was a heroin/valium addict for 15 years. I can take a few puffs of a joint and leave it. Can't do that with heroin or valium but defo can with weed and I know tons of people who are the same. I think this is why drug addiction is such a problem because the people who think they know best, know nothing about the issue. I had to teach my support worker about drugs, she had no clue either!!! Just because you have an addiction to one drug doesn't mean you're going to get addicted to every drug. Someone could sniff mountains of coke in front of me or drink alcohol, wouldn't tempt me one bit. I'm not saying Aarons the same as me but she puts it across in a generalized way about weed which is wrong. You take each person and their addiction on a case by case basis and to generalize in this way is just stupid!! It shows as well how this show is so full of rubbish when anyone can see he's not clean but instead of trying to make him see the truth, she says "oh you look so much better than the last time", just because he's a stone heavier doesn't mean that he's not xanaxed out his mind. They want the views not to really help or they wouldn't come away with these asinine statements!!!

  3. Why does the doctor guy look so pissy and angry? I realize Aaron has an attitude but he’s a drug addict- usually they behave like this. So why can’t the doctor let go of the pent up anger?

  4. This is so sad. He was probably surrounded by enablers who didn't care about him as a person. The tear in his eye at the end, when he talked about his house and wanting to raise a family there really got to me.

  5. I really believe if he wouldn't have been pushed into child stardom, he could have been a great artist as an adult. He would have still made it into the business except he would have been respected. People don't seem to want to give child stars respect when they grow up. I think that killed him.

  6. I never knew about him or his trauma, this poor kid. He needed peace and he could not find any. I can tell he was sexually abused as a kid, I can see it in his broken hearted face. People will say he died from drugs or just abusing his body, but the truth is it was the sexual abuse that caused all of this including his mental health problems!

  7. This was difficult to watch when it aired but now that he’s passed its even sadder and harder to watch. It was his truth unfortunately. Be at peace Aaron 😢

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