Abusing The NEW Perk Potential Energy – Dead by Daylight


Exploiting the NEW Perk Energy – Dead by Daylight In today’s video we’re going to try out the new perk…

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  1. The more I use this perk the more I think it doesn’t hold value. Example, at the first match you finished the Gen right as the killer got there and you may think you got value, but there is a delay when you start getting stacks and when you start progressing the gen again. So you’re actually losing time using potential especially when you have to use it on the same gen if the killer pushes you out. Now the 20 stacks you moved from one gen to another could have been more if you simply finished the gen and ran directly to the next gen and started working on it. You actually would have finished it before the trickster got there. This perk sees most value is a 3 gen scenario, now with a swf this perk is insane, since you can 3 gen on purpose so that the killer stays in an area and gives 0 chase pressure since he’s just defending. If 3 ppl in your swf get potential stacks on one gen while the killer is camping one side of the map, you can have someone go down on purpose on one side of the 3 gen while the other survivor dump 60% of potential energy, with prove thyself and break the 3 gen instantly. This combined with adrenaline, everyone can go down and commit to the gen even if the killer comes back to pressure.

  2. My thinking is that you could use it to finish generators off to mitigate some killer perks, like the one that cracks. Of course you don't want to lose or waste the stacks, so you shouldn't wait too long, that's true. And maybe there are different reasons to use it earlier, I'm not sure, because I'm not an active player 🙂

  3. Since you lose I think 10% gen repair for getting the full 20 tokens it’s probably best to do it at 80% to start in case the killer has that one perk so you can finish it and if they don’t 99% would be the best option

  4. Whenever I use the perk and I have no one to help me I only start getting energy when the gen is almost done, that way if the Killer shows up then I can finish the gen with the tokens I got before running or if I manage to get 20 tokens then I lessen the risk of being found by the Killer before the gen is finished.

  5. The hidden potential in potential energy that I discovered it’s the fact that you can activate it on a first gen, then move to a key middle gen at 0 and work it in absolute silence for 19 tokens. Great on indoor maps like Lery’s and Midwich etc because killers will listen for the gens and leave.

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