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  1. Es de las peores temporadas que he visto. Sin ofender a ningún participante Omar se los humillaba a todos y quedó en cuarto lugar. Que lamentable y lo peor es que gano bryce solo porque canta country. No se porque ayuda mucho eso. Omar para la mayoría aquí en los comentarios eras sin duda alguna el mejor de todos.

  2. Are u kidding me Bryce who is he he should not win at all I mean he shouldn't be in the live show in the first place and guess what u guys his state votes him but it's about country and world to become famous he'll never make it out never …but morgan could do it all

  3. Not an exciting finale, as much as I like country music, Blake and his country mafia has been really boring.

  4. This is why the winners are not so successful.
    After all those talented singers this season, again people voted him as the winner. There is somthing wrong with the voting system or the show.

  5. I truly believe the winner should have been Morgan or Omar. Their voices have such range & power! Sad to see them go but wish them the best in their career.

  6. Y’all, Omar didn’t need to win the voice. What he needs is to be on Broadway. Idk how the audition process works but I hope this exposure helps him get there. That’s not a radio voice, that’s a stage voice.

    As for Bryce… SUCH a beautiful silky smooth voice. Part of me wishes he was runner up instead so he could have more freedom with his career because there’s NO way he doesn’t have a future in country music. I’m normally underwhelmed by the country singers on The Voice, but there’s just something so beautiful about the character of Bryce’s voice. It’s truly like butter. Been my favorite all along <3.

    ABSOLUTELY atrocious Parijita didn’t make it to the top 5 though. I will never understand that.

  7. this is SO RIGGED OMG!!!
    its so obvious , this was Blake’s last voice season and he wanted his country guy to win LMAO
    never watching this show again
    so many much better singers that had the “Voice” eliminated
    this show has gone downhill
    but who knows maybe actual deserving people will win when Blake is gone 🙄🙄🙄

  8. The moment they called Omar’s name as the 4th one out I gasped out loud… I then read the first few comments and as soon as I found out that the country guy won I stopped watching. Sorry I can’t be more supportive, but Omar was everything and Bodie was, too. What a disappointing finish to the season…. 😞

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