1. I was standing in line for about five minutes waiting to get his autogragh. Some guys from (5)Italy cut me off in line. The manager stopped the line before me. Andre and his manager tracked me down two vans over and brought me a jersey signed. I did not think anybody noticed that. I spoke to him for about five minutes in French, very bad french on his kindness and sportsmanship. He is a wonderful man and a blessing to the sport. He still had a second moto to get ready for and he took that time.
    Two months later I was standing in a line for an autogragh in Belgium he came over to me and thanked me for the conversation. He was still in race clothes when he did it. I walked with him to his van, he handed me some water we chatted for minutes.
    Impressed with his kindness and humanity….would be an understatement of magnanmous portions.
    I like all the rider for one reason or other….
    He has been my favorite since that time. He did not need to do that at all!
    IN Europe at that time they open the pits between motos at some races the public can just walk in.

  2. One of the greatest ever to sling a leg over a motorcycle. I seriously don't think there was a single motocross great from his era who didn't have Andre reel them in from behind and pass them at one point or another. Or perhaps watch him pull the holey and disappear. And I also believe he was the least likely rider on the gate to end up on his head. Love that man.

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