Andretti, Cadillac team up in bid for all-American F1 team


Andretti Global and General Motors made a bid to join The formula is one grid under the Cadillac brand, the team announced Thursday. The move could bring two American powerhouses to the grid in the future, although it still needs approval from both F1 and racing’s governing body, the FIA.

Michael Andretti, son of 1978 F1 champion Mario, announced his interest in entering F1 in the future last year, but existing teams were reluctant to welcome an 11th outfit to the grid. FIA president Mohamed Ben Sulayem started the new year by confirming racing’s governing body Opening the process to find a new team in the future.

On Thursday, Andretti and General Motors confirmed their plans to enter an “all-American” team in response to the FIA’s call. Any new entries will not officially join F1 until 2026.

The prospective Cadillac team will initially operate out of the Andretti global headquarters currently under construction in Fishers, Indiana, with a satellite facility in Europe, where the current 10 teams are based.

It’s still unclear which engine manufacturer will power the team, though GM president Mark Reuss said a deal is in place if the bid is successful.

“We have a signed contract with the power unit supplier at the start and then we’re bringing a lot of expertise to build things for the future as we go forward.

Andretti attempted to break into F1 by taking over the Sauber team ahead of the 2022 season, which has entered into a future partnership with Audi through 2026 and beyond.

Andretti planned to include an American IndyCar driver Colton Hart on the Subaru takeover, and he confirmed that he still wants a homegrown driver if the Cadillac entry is successful.

“We definitely have plans to have an American driver,” Andretti told the media on Thursday. “I think you all know who’s leading the pack.

“Colton is under contract with us right now in IndyCar. We want to make it an all-American effort so we have an American driver in the seat.”

It is understood that in recent weeks and months there have been multiple expressions of interest from other potential teams to join the F1 grid.

An F1 statement said: “There are many conversations continuing in the F1 project at this time that are not as visible as others.

“We all want to ensure that the championship remains credible and stable and that any new entrant requests are assessed against criteria to meet those objectives by all relevant stakeholders. Any new entrant requests require the agreement of both F1 and the FIA.”

Andretti believes the combination of his team and the Cadillac brand has the potential to add value to the sport and meet the criteria set by F1’s governing body.

“We feel very confident that once the expressions of interest come out, especially with our great partnership with Cadillac, we have a very, very good shot of checking every box and being able to come to the grid soon,” he said.

“One big thing was, well what does Andretti bring to the party? Well, we’re bringing GM and Cadillac with us, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, so that’s a box we didn’t check. Which we’ve checked now, and there’s a lot in Formula One. Support will come, and it’s hard for anyone to argue with that now.”


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