Andrew 'Dice' Clay Reunited Guns N' Roses


Comedy legend Andrew #Dice Clay shares with his sons in No1Cares and comedian Eleanor Karrigan how heโ€ฆ

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  1. Guns N Roses #1…i wish they could recreate Appetite for Destruction. Called. Total Desruction …a triple cd and then a world tour …then retirement….bow out gracefully.

  2. I remember at the Cathouse in the early 90s Dice threw a punch at Slash. I was standing there with Duff and some guys in Skid Row and my friend stopped Dice's punch from connecting with Ron Jeremy. Ron, who is notoriously frugal, bought me and my friend drinks as a thank you.

  3. Shouldnโ€™t one know better than to bring a female journalist to interview Dice? Sheโ€™s guaranteed to be offended; itโ€™s Dice. Come on already. And get some thicker skin if youโ€™re going to put yourself in that position.

  4. Axl (Billy) Paid each member of G N R To own 100 percent of the band. Sol (Slash) was the main band member who was running late for concerts. ( Thanks mainly to Jack Daniels ) Diceman means Axl always takes his time in the recording studio and always running late because Axl is a perfectionist and Slash likes to do songs quick. The main fight between them was when Sol sold some of the bands songs without telling Billy. Which was a war in court for more than a few years. Axl formed a G N R Band, Slash was 86 from any Axl shows and was kicked out of the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas.These days the real band is one again however they do not split the pie $$$$$, Billy pays them nightly as expensive paid performers. Billy has his family including brother Stewart working with him these days. I used to work with and for Big F N Deals orange county calif. John Reese and Doug Goldstein. Slash never did like me and I am 86 from Dice who can sing and act too.

  5. Im pretty sure the one most responsible for the band even getting started putting itself back together goes to that annoying little brat Sebastian Bach. Hes been in that camp for 3 decades now. GNR suck anyhow……the only reason they escaped getting blasted into nothingness in the early 90s was that they left the US like cowards. And Axls wife beating ass can kiss a e-coli ridden piece of meat. Ya know, like how they treat women.

    And fuck all of you who call people names like SJW or snowflake when all they do is to want women to be treated with respect. Not superiority, but respect. In the times of those disgusting 80s bands, women were treated like nothing but tissues. Used up and thrown away. Thats never cool and it never was. Say what you want about the grunge bands, but they had respect. Thats good enough for me.

  6. Fucking bastard getting offended. Let just say, you're offended? So fucking what? It doesn't change a single thing. You really aren't that important sweetcheeks.

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