Another in the Fire by: Taya Hillsong United Lyrics 1 Hour



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  1. Forgiving mercy for hurting ur precious ministers family whi tried to resave respare forgive please font reject resave nu fued for sinners only u Christcan reaccept love mercy give hope grave undeservingly unworthy bring back life reredeem from curses ministers too sorry sorry a million apologies

  2. I cannot listen to this song without being lifted off the ground. It’s meaning is so profound and beautiful. I can only give God the glory for getting me through my own trials and the trials of my extended heart strings which are my children. He put a shield around them whenever they go into any troubles. He wasn’t only there for me, but also for them. When my husband died I felt sorry for him until I realized that he went to a peaceful place and I was left here on this complicated earth to deal with problem after problem. I thank God for the love he put in my heart. I thank him for my Faith. Jesus has never faltered in helping me to stand back up when I’ve fallen. I thank him every day for his reckoning every time I needed it. God Bless you all🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😇. Keep the faith😎😇🙏🏽. ❤️.

  3. Heard it last night at Pastor Campbell visit to Mitchell's Plain, Cape Town, South Africa – Potters House Fellowship church…The worshippers ushered in God's presence and Pst Campbell preached about the three Hebrew boys…Thats GOD!

  4. The Lord is always so good to send us what we need just when we need it. This came on during my drive to work and it spoke deeply to my heart. Songs sometimes put my emotions into words. What a tremendous blessing the gift of music is when it's used for His Glory! I have this on auto-repeat! ; ) May the Lord bless you and keep you! Numbers 6:24

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