Apple PANICS – CANCELS iPhone 15 plans! did they make a mistake?


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  1. i Hope people stop buying Apple products for 3 years . They soldered the SSDs on mac books ever since 2016 and overcharging 3x-4x per TeraByte. They took away the 3.5mm Jack (and their dumb colleagues from the industry decided to follow apple s stupid move) bro and at the same time they put out their 250$ airpods ( regular wired earpods are / were 20-25$) WTF?? 1100-1200% price increase just cause they don't have wires? They been pushing that shit Lightning Connector (USB2.0 Speeds) Since 2013. ( yes , back then it was a dope connector , but as soon as USB-C came out that took the crown). If it wasn't for the EU putting their foot down Apple s throat …. well imagine it's 2022 and you buy a 1600$ iPhone and you get Lightning USB2.0 60 MB/sec transfer speed….. ON A 2000$ PHONE BRO!. Unite and TEACH APPLE a lesson. although i don't think it's worth we give apple another chance cause … if they are the type of company that listen to no one unless some higher Authority forces itself upon them … well they are fundamentally broken and corrupt :(.

  2. Anyone who thinks the iPhone 14 is a failure is a MORON: consumers have overwhelmingly chosen the more expensive pro and in surprisingly large numbers the pro max … that’s $300 more than the 14 … in any business that’s a huge, massive, gigantic, Win

    That said if I were apple just like the mini they should probably ditch the plus it’s a waste of r&d

  3. I think we're probably experiencing peak iPhone. They have to shake things up for the iPhone 16. Aside from the iPhone 14 Pro series, they've been using the same design for five years. The popularity, 5 years of updates and the quality of the iPhone build doesn't necessitate an upgrade every two years. They're a victim of their own success.

  4. Loved this Jon,Appreciate the effort,This was hilarious,especially the iPad mini part,Really want to see you now discuss this in genius bar,Love how it was all indirectly to Sam,and then you said it in the end😂🤣!!.

  5. I love my 12ProMax… but more of my friends than ever have switched to android fold phones. Not my thing, but I do wish 🍎 would release one in the next few years🙏🏾

  6. They need to do what Steve jobs did when he returned to Apple, streamlined the product line as they had products overlapping and too many confusing that since jobs passed away they are right back to that situation,

    iPhone , iPhone Pro, iPhone Ultra
    Let’s get back to a 123 product range

  7. The iPad mini….. the official device of the toilet squad…. No matter what Sam thinks about it…or Luke… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. iPhone 14+ is basically a iPhone 13 with a larger screen… The pro phones have the only real improvements and that’s not much really. So yeah I wonder why the 14 and 14+ sales suck so bad?

  9. there is a lot of competition for the non-pro iPhone models. i can see people buying pixel 7 pro and the likes instead of 14/14 plus.

  10. I feel like the iPhone lineup has become too convoluted and it’s moving away from what Steve Jobs originally had for the brand. I would like to see Apple go back to selling 2 different iPhones, limit the colors and storage size, and go back to focusing on nominal updates.

  11. Lol I’ve been preaching to everyone that don’t even think of buying IPhone 15, just wait for iPhone 16 or -18 for no notch, and better chips set true ultra 5G fast chip

  12. How about stop charging insane prices in the European market for starters and get back to the previous price cycles? Leaving 13 lineup at the exact same price a year later is not a good look. Why would anyone buy a 14 when the 13 is pretty much the same and costs less? People vote with wallets.

  13. iPad mini, good device but overpriced. It’s smoll….means less…means should be cheaper. If cheap I buy, until then I mock it and buyers of it 😊

  14. They just need to make an iPhone Pro Mini for $799 or $899 if it's got the same camera specs as the Pro & Pro Max that'd sell well. Or make the vanilla iPhone cheaper especially outside US particularly in Europe where the prices for the normal iPhone 14 were ridiculously expensive.

  15. Thinking from Apples perspective, I would keep the lineup just the way they are and reduce the production of the 15 Plus models this way it inventivises people to upgrade to the more expensive pro models while still offering the broke people an opportunity to be the latest big new iPhone (non pro). Basically the problem with the unavailability for pro models should be the issue for the non pro models since they have very limited production while all the focus is on producing as many pro models as possible.

  16. They just need to focus on the pros, if they maintain the pro max, regular pro and then add a pro mini, make everything pro 😅 (perhaps get rid of the "pro" moniker) I'm willing to bet my eye brows that with all top spec iPhone models, sales will not only skyrocket, but they can possibly be the best selling iPhones this side of the 2010s

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