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Just a fun match with a lobby full of 2019 style meta benefits. I think the current variety of perks is definitely better, but it’s a bit…

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  1. Survivor meta will never change since the only single way survivors can counter killers who tunnel and camp is to run these perks no matter how good or bad they get, same can be said for even simply creating and saving time for other survivors to do the things they need to do. There's no reason to run other perks other than for gimmicks and builds to do for views online or just say screw it I WANNA run these perks cause why not I don't care. Only way perk variety will be seen on survivors is if a lot of these were made base kit, get rid of them on the other hand and well no one will want to play survivor anymore which in turn would kill the game. So incorporating more base changes is kinda the only solution if you want to visually see perk differences on survivors. I know its in general a scary concept to have basekit unbreakable, ds, and such but killers have things I feel they need as well that would be fair to make basekit. As just a couple of suggestions a increase to the regression amount for kicking generators would be good, base kit corrupt intervention would be good to helps the weak early game killers and slows survivors down early on allowing a more even playing field from the get go to some degree.

  2. I find it funny, how eveyone pretend they don't notice auto dead hards, despite they can see how survs use it EXACTLY the moment they should have been hit.
    Cheaters and toxic community are the reasons why i dropped this garbage game.

  3. I really never see these perks in my games, and I got decently high MMR. The most used perks I see is dead hard and windows, i rarely ever run into any people using ds otr or adrenaline

  4. That's my main issue with the big update we had.
    Didn't change anything, survivors still feel the need to have perks to survive longer, killers still feel the need to stack slowdown/regression perks.
    The goal of that update was never achieved.

  5. This also shows how the meta of killer will never change because it's not based on perks. Meg got camped and then tunneled out so that the killer had a better chance to win. Even with 3 perks to try to prolong being tunneled out it might have bought her 30-40 seconds.

  6. My heavy solution is completely gut all survivors second chance perks and gen progress same with all killers gen regression perks

  7. This kind of teams are super rare, and even then u did a 4k, how is this detrimental to killers? Having a 90% winrate instead of a 95% winrate isnt that bad right?

  8. Otz I don't wanna be that guy but you literally tunneled Meg off hook. I don't think you can really complain about DS in this situation. And I honestly think DS is very mediocre. How many killers can just basically ignore it by catching up or downing them again in like a second?

  9. I played for the first time in the two years tonight and lord have things changed… except that Deathslinger gets kills that I normally wouldn't get/deserve because Survivors want to BM.

    3 matches, two 4ks, one 3k, one 2 pip and two 1 pip. It feels like Survivors don't respect killers even more now then they did before… which is a damn shame for them.

    Also wtf is with the new perk unlock being tied to prestiging your Killers? When the heck did that become a thing and -why-?

  10. The killers forced this meta to come back imo DH and DS were both non existent when they first got nerfed but everyone camping and tunneling (literally every game) forced the 2nd chance meta to come back

  11. Thing is, good survivors who can run chase without perks and they don't require any help from assist perks. They run DS and off the record etc to prevent scenarios they can't control, like being slugged or tunneled. I don't think the meta will ever change tbh

  12. Let’s be honest, dead hard is a perk that the killers complained about because it was OP and rightfully so it got nerfed and it is no longer as good.

    However, I find that despite the nerf, all that a killer has to do is walk up to you and bait the dead hard, and they still don’t bother 🤷🏽

  13. DS is still a fantastic perk, Dead hard is still the best exhaustion perk in the game but you just need to time it now.

  14. The meta can't change until they give us perks that are useful to survive. Every new survivor perks seem to be really lackluster, yet every killer perk can be used in several extremely effective builds.

  15. While the killer meta has come a long way from always running ruin, the survivor perk reworks have been too soft to really shake things up. Only difference now is Off The Record.

  16. they can start balancing the game after adding voice chat to the game it self instead of trying to make perks balance for swf and solo queue separately which will end up only in a swf favor. you cant balance this game with a thought of some survivors will have comms and some will not

  17. They brought the best and still lost – The meta is what it is because people value winning over having diverse experiences when they log into a familiar title. Honestly the change to teachable perks pretty muched cemented stale meta builds regardless of the perks tweeks that came with them. Also the power creep in this game is insane and optimal loadouts are a must. Just about every killer now traverses the map in two seconds, has some form of built in exposed status, turns the survivors screen into a inaccessible mess, or hits them with context insensitive ques that ask you to hit the same button to get rid of that you need in chase

  18. I love how the end result was censored at the beginning. Didn't realize seeing that would spoil the match result and then watching the actual game was more enjoyable. Good attention there!

  19. Yup. As a Killer, I see Decisive Strike and Dead Hard everywhere again and as a Survivor, Killers are bringing 3 Gen regression perks. Besides those first few months where people were experimenting with the new changes, everything went back the same. It is what it is

  20. Introduce secondary objectives to keep survivors busy instead of gen rushing. A cool reward for completing secondary objectives would be to bring back a survivor that was sacrificed to the entity early on in the game. Working towards getting a second chance instead of relying on “second chance” perks.

  21. On the plus side, most of the best survivor perks are from free characters or base kit. At least new players don't have to buy 5 DLC packs to be somewhat meta.

  22. I think part of this is also familiarity–perhaps people had grown so used to these perks that it becomes hard for some to, say, be injured and sprinting and not having a prompt for Dead Hard. This may also be why IW nerf has caused it to drop so much instead, players now needing to decide between keeping it active or pop their exhaustion perk (not as "comfy" to use)

    I still like to try different stuff out tho, but that's also partially because I have low mmr and I get the privilege of screwing around a bit, even with stuff like no mither 😛

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