Arizona Governor-elect Katie Hobbs discusses education funding in Arizona

Hobbs says Arizona’s schools need to invest and could face losing critical staff if nothing is done.

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  1. Katie Hobbs cheated Miss Lake same way Democrats Cheated Mr. Trump, Miss Hobbs cheated Miss Lake the same way Democrats Cheated Donald J Trump , What a coincidence.

  2. Lake is a loser. Hobbs is a decent smart woman. If you think there was something wrong with the election , how did Hobbs win in a Republican state with Republicans running the election. God’s Will was done in Arizona.

  3. Bring back the dislike count YouTube. All because of Biden…smh. $100 says this video has more dislikes.

  4. The numbers alone say something doesn’t add up. More votes were cast for other candidates then for governor so we are to believe people cared more about the treasurer the the governor and didn’t bother voting for either person?!
    I can’t figure out why some people are so quick to dismiss any possibility of shenanigans before or without ever even considering any information, it’s instantly denied which is wrong. I don’t care who it is or what party they claim, people have legitimate concerns, a lot of people too and the mere fact Hobbs was in charge of the selection and on the paper is not right period. How can one be on the paper and running it at the same time then miraculously wins after a week of counting yet people are shamed for questioning it?!
    People demand proof yet how is one suppose to provide it if it’s all blocked?! The mere mention of issues is blocked on a lot of platforms instantly with no ability to discuss anything. How can someone’s first hand experience be “disinformation”?

  5. Hobbs sounds like a child compared to Lake.

    The level of ethical violations taking place in Arizona’s election is intellectually insulting to the entire nation. A new election should be conducted, and Hobbs should have absolutely ZERO oversight in the counting and collection of the votes. Start there, but there’s obviously that needs to be done to protect the integrity of that state’s election.

    The outcome of this election separate and irrelevant to these necessary election problems.

    When the system is broken, focus on repairing the system, not the outcome of what resulted from the broken system.

  6. So sad for Arizona people. You elected another person who hid throughout the campaign……..she pulled a Biden. Hmmmmm wonder how that happened 🤔

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