Arthur Smith Rips Reporter on Marcus Mariota's “Edge”

Arthur Smith continues to show his gruff side during this training camp with the Atlanta Falcons, berating longtime sportswriter Josh Kendall for asking about the “advantage” Marcus Mariota does or doesn’t have. #Falcons #dirtybirds

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  1. They must've had a bad practice. They asking questions for the fans. Not a falcons fan but would like some insight on the team.

  2. Honestly Scott, it wasn't a bad question IMO. Every time I see Mariota he is smiling and seems to look comfortable. Well, there is a segment of the fanbase that knows nothing about Mariota, except his disappointment in Tennessee.

  3. Is Matt(y) "Ice" Ryan a loudmouth/fiery/talkative leader? MM1 struts by example: e.g., besting Brees his rookie year; besting Andy Reid's Chiefs at the time with KA-reem, TY-reek, TKel(ce), Revis Island in the post season etc. Stop the narratives about Baker and Marcus and, instead, focus on underachiever fellow Heisman QBs Kyler Murray and "Famous" Jameis (for throwing down 30 INTs in a single season) Winston, both of whom have yet to even win a post season game lol… dere ya go.

  4. Marcus and Justin Herbert get those same dumb questions. Because they aren’t ra ra guys off the field. I guess you can’t be a leader unless you jump and yell at everyone.

  5. I love how Arthur said, "Why don't you ask his teammates?" All of his teammates – Oregon, Titans, Raiders & now the Falcons love this guy. Marcus has that Aloha spirit (love, respect, support your fellow man kind) and he puts it on full display everyday. It's real and it's a part of who he is.

  6. Matt got sacked so many times on third down last year & would just walk off like nun happened I feel coach there was no fire or edge n Matt last year

  7. Well said Coach!!! Press ask questions that matter. We are preparing to be winners. We don't have time for stupidity. Please don't make me come and get you guys straight!!!! I'm serious… it's getting ridiculous

  8. I went to Oregon when Marcus did and worked as a assistant to the Physical Therapists for the football team. Sports Commentators had a "big concern" with him going into the NFL was that he wasn't the loudmouth, talkative leader. But Marcus had a rare trait in which makes him no less as a leader is that he leads by example. There is not one right way to be a leader, otherwise, you'd see everyone do it. Marcus will do great and will win the respect of anyone whom he plays with. I'm happy he got the starting job at Atlanta and look forward to the eventual matchup against Herbert and the Chargers again. As an Oregon alumni, that is any Duck fan's dream matchup. Good luck Marcus!

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