ASUS Zephyrus G15 Review – Crazy Performance Per Pound! But Still Has Weaknesses…

ASUS Zephyrus G15 has an incredible punk for its size, weight and price tag of $1799 – but the Zephyrus G15 is far from perfect. Ultimately, the G15 rightfully deserves to be one of the most popular laptops of 2021. It can be improved in important ways, so hopefully ASUS takes it to the next level with the next version! Check out the full review for all the details! RTX 3000 comparison spreadsheet:

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00:00 – Intro 00:35 – Technical specs 01:15 – Zephyrus G15 vs Scar 15 02:13 – Display 03:15 – Ram, SSD and weight 04:01 – Design and build 04:15 – Touchpad and keyboard 04 : 39 – Speakers 05:23 – Battery life 05:50 – Ports 06:41 – Timespy & Cinebench comparison 08:14 – 30 Game benchmarks 09:25 – Compare Zephyrus G15 to other laptops 09:57 – Weak CPU bound gaming performance 11 :05 – Who shouldn’t buy the G15 11:49 – Stress test and fan profiles 13:14 – Should you buy the Zephyrus G15? 13:41 – All the pros and cons

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  1. Oh yeah… and I think I forgot to mention there's no webcam, but I recommend setting your phone as your laptop webcam if your laptop doesn't have one (or has a bad one). I've got a tutorial on how to do that soon!

  2. Solid review, just got one of these as retailers start discounting as they transition into the 2022 models. I love it so far. I appreciated the emphasis you put in the video on performance to weight/thinness, because it really is such a solid performer in this portable size/form factor. There’s others that do that better but they’re usually more expensive, like the Razer Blade series

  3. Bit late to the video but if I have an external display connected via usbc then the cpu bound games should see a significant increase in performance similar to the msi with mux switch right?

  4. Excelente video, i got it like 2 weeks ago and I’m trying to get the best set up for my gpu and cpu, I want it for esports games but I need help, so I will thank you a lot if you help me

  5. You’re the only reviewer I’ve seen use the “points per pound” metric. That’s a really smart and helpful way to compare laptop performance.

  6. Nice video 😊 how would scar 15 rtx 3080 compare vs zephyrus g15 rtx 3080 as far as hooked up to external display ? I’m playing on 4K LG oled tv so that’s where performance is relevant for me 🙈

  7. I have an issue, the G15 colors the screen of a strange green tint, everytime I go fullscreen with certain apps/softwares, for example:

    -in Teams, in a meeting, I go full screen and it goes green as soon as I move the mouse cursor. (if I don't move, it stays in the ArmouryCrate setting I chose, for example I use the "Default" setting)

    -in game, while playing for example Pillars of Eternity (but is the same with games in general), same thing happen. Actually, without moving the mouse cursor, even.

    In both cases, if I press fn+V to go through the different settings, and get back to Default, the screen temporarily shows the "Default" colors setting, but in half a second it goes back to the green tint.

    People say to uninstall Armoury Crate, but I tried, and I'm left with the green tint (and without the possibility at that point to scroll back to Default or anything bcs of course those settings are deleted as well..)

    What to do? Thanks!!

  8. It’s literally the most perfectly balanced laptop of existence, when being a pro gamer and casual editor. And since we have DLSS 2.0, it gets even better, especially when having a comfortable battery life

  9. I know it's still relatively new, but how do you think the longevity is? Is overheating going to be an issue and would I need to replace the battery after a few years? I'd need a laptop that would last at least 7 or 8

  10. What do you think about it for VR? I’m using a Lenovo Legion y540 with the RTX 2060. And I want to upgrade… this is one I was looking into

  11. Can someone suggest what the best ASUS ROG laptop would be for me? (preferably a Zephyrus)

    I am to become a designer so I'll probably do rendering and maybe editing and graphic design (not sure cuz college hasn't started yet) and I am also a casual gamer. Need something that could handle, for eg Genshin Impact.

    After a ton of research I have come to know that srgb and, Adobe RGB are important and have almost decided on getting the 2021 version G14 (Ryzen 9) but a few have said that there are heat issues with the keyboard getting too hot and some have replaced it for G15. So I feel like I'm going round and round with this. The G15 isn't available at the moment in India but it will probably come soon.

    I have this problem of overthinking things because whenever my parents spend money on technology for me, they guilt trip me if anything goes wrong.

    In conclusion, I want something that can really handle software like Photoshop and Illustrator – that's the main part so a high Adobe rgb % is a must. It should also be able to handle a bit of gaming (right now I have a pentium gold processor which may be why I have low expectations as I don't know what to expect with Ryzen 7/9). Can the Ryzen 9 G14 (2021) RTX 3060 handle this for at least 4/5 years? If yes, I would order it soon as the ASUS store near me will have it in stock from tomorrow.

  12. I would have rather seen a comparison from a 3070 in both machines I don't see why you'd compare the obviously lower power 3070 vs the 3080.
    Come on man

  13. What would you recommend? I like the simple look of the asus zeph g15 bc i want a laptop for gaming and school. But i also like the look so much more of the asus rog g17 17.3'' the only problem i have one have the number keypad one doesnt.

    Edit: i also like the asus rog m15 bc its simple and cheaper but still no keypad

  14. Question: So if you take out the 8 gig dim and drop in a 32 gig dim of memory. Do I still get 16 gigs of dual channel, and then the remaining memory is single channel, or is it because the two sticks no longer match am I stuck with single channel for the while 40 gigs of memory. Thanks.

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