1. Seriously baker has his ups and downs but the dude hasn’t had the same coaching staff for one full season yet in his 5 years in the NFL. If that doesn’t mess you up your not human. It would blow up anyone’s career.

  2. Y’all on here praising this man like he actually did something. The Bengals defense was banged up coming into this game. 3 starting DBs out and the Bengals benched their starters in the 3rd quarter and were playing loosely because the game was blown out. So essentially this was a preseason type of defense that the Panthers first string dink and dunked on. Not impressed. Baker showed how cocky and arrogant he is. Multiple times. He’s garbage!

  3. Hey, buttholes, he led 3 TD drives to make the sting of getting blown off the field just that little bit less. The race to the #1 draft pick is still wide open, thanks to the Lions beating the Anti-Christ.

  4. Fanbase: we have our new messias, that brings us to the promised land.
    Reality: no defense, disfunctional oline and only some WR that are fast enough to get some sepparation.
    Fanbase: crucify the false messias!

  5. Roll with Mayfield if he would of been in there earlier you guys may have won that game!! I am a browns fan and I think Mayfield has been short changed!! He is a winner!!

  6. I went fishing today and didn’t watch the game, I’d encourage everyone to do the same till they fix the issues that we all know that is taking place.

  7. Would you PR guys for the Panthers spend a couple dollars to get directional mikes for the press, so we can hear the questions.

  8. Baker is not the answer. The whole team needs to be rebuilt. Even our defense was bad today while the O-line still needs more of the right guys added to that line. I now think the defense needs to be rebuilt too.

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