Battery Life +9999 Tutorial and Know-How – Ep8 | MSI


Learn how to extend the battery life of your MSI laptop with the tips including how to use the latest MSI super battery mode. 0:00 Intro 0:57 Battery Master 1:20 User Scenario 1:30 Windows Power Setting 1:55 Keyboard Light 2:24 Wireless Connection 2:49 Brightness 3:13 Frame Rate ———– — ————————————————– — – Follow us for the latest news! ► TikTok: facebook:
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  1. To reduce the GPU power consumption, lower the refresh rate really helps a lot. My laptop always works better after the adjustment.

  2. the most efficient way to avoid of running out of battery is just to decrease the brightness, that's what i always do when bringing my laptop out w/o charger

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