Best Budget 5G Phones (Winter 2022) | Top 15 Reviewed!


Checking out the best budget 5G phones as 2022 rolls into 2023, including my favorite smartphones for smart cameras, gaming…

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  1. Cheers for checking out my best budget 5G phones round-up, you're awesome! Hoping to review a few more in the coming couple of months including that new Redmi and the Realme 10 series…

  2. 5g is trash in personally turn it off with my pixel 6
    I wish we could leave off all these Chinese phones.psrsonally bc I'm never buying a phone without a reliable.warranty

  3. That's all fine and dandy, but which is the best phone that comes in pretty colours?
    The missus is close to going to the dark side coz she can't find a pretty Android phone. Was going to go with the Samsung S22+, but she's always had Samsung and wants a change.

  4. I'm looking to replace my Galaxy A32 5G as it doesn't have the peek display, as I just don't want Samsung as I think their starting to get boring to me as this is my 3rd one.. My price range is between $160-$200

  5. I got the A53 briefly bug the performance was shocking, a glitchy experience all around. Have recently picked up the Oppo Reno 8 5G for £420, hadnt had an oppo before but its really surprised me, reminds me a lot of a oneplus i had a few years back, super fast face/finger unlock, being able to customise the accent colour to whatever you want, performance, speakers and camera are also great. Cant fault the battery either, easily last me a full day with 5-7 hours screen on and 80w charging. It is a fairly large phone but feels light and thin in the hand even in a case. Highly recommend.

  6. Never mind 5g the fact is in the UK the towers infrastructure. It's direly awful. It's been the same for the last 5yrs effectively…given covid put more reliance on data it's pushing on 9/10 on the capacity

  7. The Nokia G60 is a joke. If these are the kind of phones they are willing to pull out, they should just disappear. For 330€, they are willing to sell you this shit show:

    2017-like notch. Huge chin. IPS display which tops at 500 nits. No stereo speakers. 4gb of ram. 4500mah 20w charging. 5mp ultrawide, just 8mp selfie camera, no macro.

    On top of that, it is 80€ more expensive than the Moto G82 while being shittier in every regard except for the OS support, but who cares about 1 or 2 further android version if the rest of the phone is just a plain disgrace? REMEMBER, 330 EURO. I'm not exaggerating if i say the right price for this device should be the exact half, 170€, no more than that.

  8. I'll be honest, in the US with Google Fi 5G on the T-Mobile network has been excellent. Still pretty well a mileage may vary thing though. It is rather nice getting signal now in area that otherwise I never did before. It does seem better at penetrating solid walls of large buildings where LTE didn't use to reach.

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  10. Moto G82 user here. All those specs do work in real life. Fantastic value for money phone. Screen, battery, 5g, performance, Cameras headphone jack and UI. All round package. Loving it.

  11. Great job reviewing all these various smartphones and keeping us up to date! I like the A53 for the most part; that jittery performance is the reason I didn't get one. The Snapdragon 695 in my phone is simply more reliable

  12. Does the glyph on the back of the Nothing Boned protect you from other vampires just like they do in the Blade trilogy? Asking for a friend…

  13. I got the Samsung Galaxy A53 primarily because of the support and the screen. Battery is pretty good too. I was able to get it for just $300 on a Black Friday sale.

  14. If you go budget, it's always better to buy a used one year old flagship. You are going to get longer software support compared to the Chinese cheap brands, despite one year older.
    Just an example – you can get the most expensive of all phones, galaxy Z fold3 on Ebay for $500. All other flagships(other than Apple sht) will only be cheaper.

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