Big Breakthrough, DNA Match For Bones In Forest


Shraddha murder case: Police get solid evidence after latest DNA test

New Delhi:

The police have finally found some major material evidence in the Shraddha Walker murder case – a DNA test confirmed that the bones that killer Aftab Poonawala took to the police in Delhi’s Mehrauli area and a forest in Gurugram were indeed hers.

The test report – using a DNA sample obtained from her father – came today, a month after her boyfriend Aftab Poonawalla was arrested for allegedly killing her in May. He cut her body into 35 pieces which he kept in a fridge and later dumped in a forest near their rented flat in south Delhi’s Mehrauli over 18 days.


Shraddha Walker’s father Vikas Walker demanded death sentence for Aftab Poonawala.

So far, in the evidence list, the police had some knives used by Aftab Poonwala, apart from his “confession” which is not directly valid evidence. However, material recovered through such confessions – for which the police also conducted its lie-detector tests – can be introduced as evidence to reconstruct the sequence of events before and after the murder.

Although Aftab Poonawala allegedly killed Shraddha Walker on May 18 – after another argument in a long-toxic relationship – the crime slowly came to light after her father went to police in their hometown in Maharashtra in October.

Father Bikash Waqar did not contact Aftab Poonawalla as he was upset about her interfaith (Hindu-Muslim) relationship. After meeting through a dating app, the couple lived together for a few months in their hometown of Vasai near Mumbai before only shifting to Delhi in May this year.

Father recently held a press conference on such charges The Maharashtra police were lax When she reported being assaulted by him in 2020. The police said he later submitted a written statement that no action would be taken as they had struck a compromise.


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