1. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone at Gameranx and my fellow viewers. Here's to another year of great vids in 2023 🥳

  2. 😅its funny how he avoided talking about Xbox as much as he can he off and on does but he looking at a lot of his videos he does it a lot not being a fanboy to much pc had so much more games that so good this year and ps not really and xbox too😢 but gamepass is a thing

  3. The only thing ripe about trying NFTs/all exploitative monetization options in this industry are the schemes to exploit players into throwing away hard earned money for short term impulsive thrilla. They're bound to fail in a "pay for what you want to play" product market when people keeps tabs on them.

  4. Jake who gives a shit about dead island 2 …cool I drop my controller playi high on life laughing. S/O to dead Island.

  5. Happy new year to the entire Gameranx team!
    Personal note, I like the 2-4 second "outtakes" after Jake finishes a story. Just brings in a touch of levity, hope you do it more often.

  6. It’s been a heck of a year! Looking forward to to many Friday Shows in 2023! Thank you for coming around every Friday Jake, you’re truly appreciate and love out here bro

  7. honestly i dont care about the "we'll just have to wait and see", it's a phrase people use, and your using it correctly, the only problem is how you keep bringing attention to it

  8. I can't wait for the politically correct GTA6. It's just what the game needed to get rid of all those crass uncouth incencetive jokes and have a game for a modern audience. People will love it.😈Just forget about the Saints Row reboot.

  9. Playstation removed monthly games and creating a "barebones skeleton" Essential tier which gives only multiplayer access.
    But if you bought a 12 subscription from a retail store, you need to fork additional money to get the Extra or Deluxe. WTF Sony?

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