Black Panther: Wakanda Forever ENDING and Post-Credit Scene Explained


So I’ll get over being sick, but that won’t stop me from talking about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and that ending! So ok, there’s a lot to talk about with this movie. And I mean, a lot. I’ll cover most of those shortly, but I want to start with the ending, which takes us straight to the mid-credits scene. At the end of the film, we see Shuri, apparently taking his time being both Wakanda’s protector and its sovereign leader, visiting Nakia in Haiti. When she arrives, she says she wants to “do it alone” before turning and walking towards the ocean, on her way to perform the ritual her mother had tried to get her to do earlier in the film. This leads to a credits scene, which I’m (obviously) not going to spoil here. Just know that it ended up being perhaps one of the best tributes to the late Chadwick Boseman in all of the movie. That’s saying something, since the entire movie focused on T’Challa’s tragic demise in a similar fashion to the actor who portrayed him. This gives us perhaps one of the most heartfelt and satisfying ways to honor a talent, and more importantly, say goodbye to us way too soon. But there’s more to it than that. So let’s get this Ending Explained going, and then go ahead and dive right in! Chapters: 0:00 – Intro 0:12 – The Ending 2:54 – The Post-Credits Watch Screen Rant’s Official TikTok! Our social media:

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  1. 2:01 Namor’s throne looks more uncomfortable then the one in the GOT franchise. It’s got fricking sharp teeth all the way round the top and bottom row of what looks like a sharks jaw, even where the actual seat is. And he’s actually sitting on it every time he’s shown sitting on his throne.

  2. I actually enjoyed this movie, I know a lot of people mostly so called critics didn’t going from the reactions I’ve seen. But I think they paid a lot of respect to Chadwick and his character’s passing all the way through the movie. And even set it up at the end with his character’s secret son eventually taking his father’s place as the king in the future with a possible time jump with him either as a teenager (they’ve been introducing younger characters to become the new Avengers!) or fully grown adult.

    And having him named after his father means that they can still play out a lot of T’Challa’s original storylines from the comics if they choose to go down that route, and have him being the one who ends up with and eventually marrying “Storm” now they’ve 100% confirmed mutants are now part of the MCU instead just like it was originally meant to be his father being in a relationship with her in the comics. It seems like a good way for them to get around the original T’Challa’s passing as well as the untimely passing of Chadwick who played him, may he rest in power. 🕊🖤 instead of recasting the actual character and saying he’s from another universe.

    And I wish they either kept the same sex relationship which they hinted at in the first movie or just pulled the whole thing. There was no reason to pussyfoot around it in this movie. Which has been confirmed by both the actresses involved that they had multiple scenes cut showing them as a couple.

    Was it better then the first movie? No in my personal opinion. Does it deserve all the backlash it’s receiving from all the so called critics? No! It’s not as bad as they made it out to be before it was officially released. Is it the best movie outside of NWH of phase four? Yes.

    I’d say it’s even better then NWH because that movie was just fan service even though it was great seeing Tobey and Andrew again as “Spider-Man” Andrew finally getting the recognition he deserves for playing this character. And it was great seeing all the old villains from the movies again that everyone loved like “Doc Ock” and “Green Goblin” even “Electro” played by Jamie Fox again was great especially seeing him in a proper updated version of his actual suit from the comics and not him being blue the whole time.

    I don’t listen to these so called critics and them rating sites to decide whether to watch a movie or TV Shows they claim are bad. I watch them myself and decide myself if they are good or bad. And I don’t agree with what a lot of them are saying about this movie, just like I don’t agree with what they say about other movies and shows. They just deliberately nitpick at things or don’t bother either paying full attention to what they’re watching or don’t think about decisions made that could have been made either for future storylines like introducing the late “King T’Challa’s” secret son who is named after his father. Or was made to keep up with today’s times and the current world we live in which is completely different from the time when the original comics and/or storylines were originally written.

    Edit: I forgot to mention the guy who wrote that this movie disrespects Chadwick’s life and legacy should just stop writing reviews. This movie did no such thing and everyone else seems to agree on that fact, that this movie didn’t disrespect him, his character or work he did in the MCU. Most of the movie is paying homage and respect to a great character and a great man.

  3. Great movie it didn't feel like a cookie cutter Marvel movie it had a theme and message that anyone can apply to their own lives. I could watch it again let's go.

  4. I just came from seeing the movie. It was pretty good, much better than Thor Love and Thunder. I thought Thor had too much comedy and not enough drama. Black Panther II was very bleak and very dark. But was acted as very serious. I had some complaints with the actor who played Namor. The makeup department should of had various comics and sketches of the Submariner too work with. A crewcut, Spock ears and eyebrows. So make him look less Hispanic and more amphibian. And put the actor on a strict bodybuilding schedule and diet. There's one scene in the movie where he came out of the ocean, and he had no abs at all. He looked somewhat bloated. Still, all casting aside, it was a fitting tribute to Chadwick Boseman. And an awesome movie.

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