Black Panther: Wakanda Forever – It's A Mess

After losing its main star and contending with an MCU in decline, Wakanda Forever would always have an uphill battle to match its predecessor. But even I didn’t expect it to be such a mess. Link to the Rogue Elements Kickstarter:

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  1. Akoye would have been an excellent T’challa. She looks physically intimidating and has a serious stance about her. Shuri is just really skinny and too goofy for T’challa. May be she should’ve bulked up a little bit to look the part ?

  2. The very cult-like reaction to the lame trailer from everyone said it all. Most viewers are sheep that are easily brainwashed to follow clubs like binary cavemen. Stupidity forever…

  3. Same Mandy cutaway twice? It’s funny, I guess, but there are reasons I have to watch you on 1.5x speed or higher

  4. Here we go The Drinker ranting about how conservatism and the right is so great instead of actually just criticizing the movie for its story, pacing, visuals, etc. Can't believe reviewers can't be just reviewers anymore.

  5. I hate how everyone were praising this a lot and said this is the most emotional thing ever and this has the best writing
    Thanks drinker you are literally one of the few who'll share the truth

  6. I like your videos but it's almost like you're trying to find this silliest reasons to get upset over this movie.
    Considering the rest of Phase 4, I went into it with low expectations and I enjoyed it.

  7. Minor criticism: as a Scotsman, I know this is a hard ask, especially when you're a few whiskeys down, but maybe you will see untold blessings and exponential growth beyond your wildest dreams if you cut back the using Jesus's name in a vulgar, sarcastic way. God laid that down pretty clearly as a big no no, and while you may not believe, many do, and God believes in you whether its reciprocal or not. Anyway, other than that, you're my favourite YouTuber, the only one whose work I never miss, except maybe Robert Sepehr. Can't wait for your very successfully funded short film! Godspeed Drinker!

  8. When making criticism on a movie like this that was already written prior to the sudden tragic death of the main character, consider context and be nuanced. Best thing to have done was to recast but that would’ve angered many as well as been difficult to shoot for the cast because they’ll have to pretend like nothing happened. So yeah, you don’t want to be in their shoes. It’s difficult, show some grace. I like your videos and your general arguments but I don’t agree with this. Good work 👍🏾

  9. "It's ok when we do it". Isn't that the feminist maxim ?

    Also "I don't think they'll last very long in a war against America, China or Russia". Russia is debatable.

  10. Shuri dying and Ramonda becoming the black panther would be rad. And i would believe all the action scenes cause Angela Bassett is built

  11. You know there is a Marvel character named Moon Girl(Lunella Lafayette) who is a Tech Genius too, she is 11 years old

  12. I’m sorry, but killing Tchalla off the way they did was nonsensical. He already had the power of the heart shaped herb. Why would he need it again? It makes no fucking sense.

  13. I honestly thought you were joking in your after hours chat when you said he has little wings on his booties… but no… 14mins of this video i just choked on my coffee laughing 😂😂😂

  14. Storyline in this movie sounds like an outcome of typical corporate project. Quick fixes, patches and changes just to keep the screening deadline to meet financial goals that results in releasing minimum viable product as final version.

  15. I wonder how these people can think "It is OK when we do it". That is the definition of hypocrisy, and for people who presume to lecture us about morality and justice, that is just perverse.

    Anyway, thanks for seeing this movie so we don't have to.

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