Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Sucks

Install Raid for free ✅ IOS/ANDROID/PC: and receive a special starter pack 💥 Only available for the next 30 days. Wakanda Forever is a bummer. With a story base made of pudding, this movie sinks under the weight of expectations, poor pacing, and trying to do too many things at once – failing at most of them. Friends of the Channel: @The Little Platoon @Mr Brown Alliance @Philosophical Pickle #blackpanther #blackpantherwakandaforever #videoessay #review #mcu #marvel #marvelcomics #marvelstudios

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  1. I haven't even seen this movie yet but I would be stunned if I think it is good after watching it. The MCU seems to be incapable of creating anything decent nowadays. I watched all the releases up until Love and Thunder, and then felt so insulted by L&T that I haven't watched any MCU releases since. I've never been so disappointed by a movie. I used to love MCU films, there would be the odd dud every now and then but the average quality was good. The MCU has to be planned out in advance because of the interconnectivity and high volume of releases, so I don't know if they can even course-correct at this point.

  2. It's crazy I watch the video to see if he could come up with but I see his mind was made up before he saw the movie I see people in these comments taking about they hate mcu this is so lame I judge movie on the movie yes the mcu been letting me down with Thor and some of TV shows but this movie was good

  3. Taking out Killmonger was a mistake but I think now we know how much of a mistake it was. If Killmonger had lived they could have told a killer redemption arc that can be interwoven with Wakanda's recovery from King T'Challa's passing. Killmonger beats Namor and becomes King.

  4. Agreed. Went with my 12 yr old Son. He said – they tried to do too much and did nothing. (Plus it was SO STUPID trying to be woke) Black Women Black Women Black Women – and the Hero was NOT transformed from what she is/was. Empty annoying women pretending to be men. Women dont get excitied by a 1970's supercar. Pathetic

  5. MCU is excellent example of brand loyality despite brand on purpose is making product worst and worst.
    It's like Nike shoes. I have Nike shoes ( basketball) from 2000 and they are better quality than ones i bought in 2022. And it's me being dumb to keep buying them so why would they change?

  6. People who say that T'Challa should be retired think they're being noble. They think they're honouring Boseman and his memory.

    In reality, objecting to a character being recast is childish and selfish. And double standards are inevitable. Why is it unacceptable to recast one character but okay for another?

    War Machine, Cassie Lang and the Hulk have all been recast throughout the MCU. What makes T'Challa so special? If it's because he's black, then newsflash: so is Rhodey.

    If Boseman had been mature about it, which he definitely was, he'd have wanted T'Challa to move on without him.

    Wakanda Forever proved that the mythos can't go on without T'Challa.

  7. The first film ended with T’challa wanting to share their resources with the world because he saw what happens when you isolate yourself from the world and refuse to change. Now they’re deciding to isolate themselves again and they want to pass judgment on others and act like victims. This is what happens when you choose people who care more about identity politics than a story with likable and relatable characters. Many writers of comics now a days write their “heroes” as villains rather than actual heroes.

  8. Regarding the representation 16:44 Blade is not even close of B tier hero he is an A tier but he came so long before super-hero movies where established that people kinda forgot about him , if he would come after the frenzy began he would be un there with Iron Man and Batman …still true would not have same cultural impact but is leagues above falcon

  9. When I saw this movie, I saw at least 4 people walk out mid way and not come back. I also had 5 seats booked next to me in my row and no one showed to sit there.

  10. The bone through the nose is a bit on the nose isn't it? Does he eat humans in a big pot as well? Haven't seen this one cause i'm done with disney putting in uninteresting children at the forefront of their movies as if to say: "Look at this very uninteresting child! It will be the next thor! We will overwork and traumatize it to no end and it will probably end up a drug addict!! But isn't it cool to see this child do some thor shit??!!!!"

  11. Has anyone else noticed that the reviews for this film have been gleaming because of the Inclusion of the tribute to Chadwick Boseman/T'Challa. Idk it doesn't sit right with me that this movie is "good"/"alright" but because of the circumstances it's been getting really high praise…

  12. The creepiest part… is how the CIA agent committed treason by giving away high level confidential to outsiders. If he really wants to be goodie-goodie with his Wakandan friends, he should repatriate to Wakanda. It showed a very bad side to him. A poor role model. Very hard to empathise with him or the Wakandans for doing that. It's double standards, how come the agent keeps their secrets safe but he has to reveal his nation's secrets to them? very poor ethics.

  13. It's just insane that people care and root for DC now more than Marvel. That's something that was totally unheard of a decade ago. Movie universe wise at least. Hell, my local theaters are showing Black Adam and Black Panther 2 and God damn – I REALLY want to watch Black Adam, and kinda don't even care about Black Panther 2. What a shame.

  14. While I agree with Many of your points in this video, you were too harsh. The conflict was a little shakey, and they could've handled the characters better. Iron Heart, for me, was the low point of this film, and her design, along with the screaming angels or whatever they are called, looked incredibly dumb. Your point about not showing enough of taken was reasonable, but it's essential to mention that it wasn't established as much because it wasn't a central setting of the movie. I agree that the bald fighter lady calling that other dude a colonizer was awkward, but it's just a tiny nitpick for me. I think that your point that Shuri was ill-fit to take on the mantel of black panther had some truth behind it, but overall, I really enjoyed her character and costume. Where I'm afraid I have to disagree with you most is your view on Namor; for me, he was a film highlight and elevated every other scene he was in. He felt powerful and commanding without being just a reverse of the lead. Also, they, NOT Atlantians, could show themselves at the bridge and not capture Ironheart because the college and Ironhearts lab are highly public.
    On the bridge, they can escape quickly and make a point of killing witnesses.

    By no means do I think Wakanda Forever sucked. It definitely had shortcomings, but it at least landed at around 7.5-8.5. It was worse than the first movie, but it still had A lot of the original magic. Considering that the last movie's main character died, I have to comment with them on that.

    I'm really interested in your response to my points, and despite my problems with your argument, I commend you for your video quality.

  15. Stan Lee must be rolling in his grave, the mcu is an absolute train wreck Disney has completely destroyed all the characters, and stories in the marvel universe. These movies should have been a way to unite us culturally instead they do nothing but divide. Pretty sure that was Stan Lee's plan until Disney sunk its teeth in.

  16. They should have recast T’Challa. That was their biggest mistake. They would have never Gone down this confusing road in this movie if they simply Recast the role as Chadwick Boseman and his family wanted. They killed any opportunity for Black panther to live on for decades like superheroes like Superman , Batman or Spider man. They didn’t kill the Joker character when Heath Ledger died . Chadwick himself often said he wanted black panther to live on and be a black James Bond type of franchise. They ruined that opportunity out of grief. Very bad choice.

  17. And this is exactly the reason why I never saw the first one. Clearly as a white man, it wasn't made for me, at least according to those with "authority" in the matter.

  18. Cynic , now that you've reviewed it, can you please give us a list of the superhero movies of the year , ranked best to worst , pretty please

  19. Congratz on the raid sponsorship. Happy to see you managed to protect your harmless video from a senseless demonetization this time, and probably got extra bucks from the raid sponsor. keep up the great work <3

  20. MCU hasn't been good since Endgame. I mean, I kinda feel that certain parts of Infinity War were better than it's second part. Honestly, Captain Marvel was shit on a bit, but I didn't think it was that bad tbh. However, they haven't done anything well in phase 4. Disney and Marvel just seem to be filled with shit writers. Sam Rami couldn't save Doctor Strange 2, Thor Love and Thunder was so disappointing it hurt, and none of the shows were good. I watched a couple eps of all their shows, and gave up. So sad. Disney is turning everything to shit.

  21. On the point of Wakandan hypocrisy, I think that's the entire point. Wakanda sits at the top of the world with their supply of Vibranium and believe that only they should wield that power. Then comes K'uk'ulkan (or Namor), who's dressed in Vibranium, and claims that he commands a civilization that could number in the millions under the waves. Wakanda's biggest fear is them not being on top, so when faced with an equal opposition they work to undermine them. Wakanda and Talokan are so busy fighting amongst themselves, they would risk annihilating themselves. Which is the lesson Shuri learns at the end of the movie. The cycle of vengeance will never end on its own, so she becomes the first link to break in the chain, and offers a defensive pact with Namor. However, because they fought, there's still bad blood. They agreed to peace and mutual defense, but there's still animosity there. They're not wholly good or bad. Just nations willing to secure their own interest, just like the United States and other countries, who covet the Vibranium that Wakanda and Talokan possess. It's all hypocritical because they all want power for themselves.

  22. Definitely not a film qualified for us white folks to watch! No wonder the black garbages wanted to prevent us from watching! The acting overall were garbage, cast sucked but for the queen. The narrative is trash and too long and boring! CGI was made by kids. Plot and story was rubbish!

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