1. If you're worried about sodium then dump it out!!! If you want to eat something tasty then eat when it done! Why the hell does everyone think they need tomatoes in their soup???

  2. Are you a blonde that dies her hair? You made me watch a long video on bringing the beans to a boil, then promised after your appointment to show us the remaining steps. Good job lady!

  3. I love Bob's products I buy them all the time, I use soup mixes all the time as my 'base' and then add my own seasonings and veggies depending on the time of year and whats in my fridge and freezer.  I have made minestrone soup with zucc's and summer squash added to use it up! You get the idea.  That soup looks wonderful.  I think we'll be doing a lot more soups this year, as it is supposed to be horribly cold this winter and soup warms up my kitchen, and going to the grocery store is a real sticker shock anymore, soup goes a long way!

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