Bonnie and Clyde

When Bonnie Parker (Dunaway) catches Clyde Barrow (Beatty) stealing her mom’s car, it’s love at first sight… and the two begin a nationwide crime spree. As young gangsters in love, attacking the wealthy establishment and living by their own rules, Bonnie and Clyde attract the attention of an entire country – for the short time they manage to evade the police.

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  3. The scene with Hamer being captured never happened. The film makers were sued by the Hamer family for defamation of character.

  4. "Release Date 1960" ? Nope ! Get a hold of yourselves, YouTube ! This time, you're too, early ! ! Your ahead of the release date of this famous film by… seven (7) years ! ! !

  5. Yes checking in coco channel 7 F.O.R.B.E.S. China NAVY nerf family non extended reserve family connections the black draft combo with Colorado… Missy Tiny T Ks ..

  6. Sound not working. Rent this through a different provider like Amazon. At least your money will be refunded if the movie doesnโ€™t work. Even if youโ€™ve already pressed play because how else would you know that the movie does not work…๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ. YouTube WILL NOT refund you if their shit doesnโ€™t work!!!

  7. LOL….taking a picture with Pancho Hamer Texas Ranger…..yeah that never happened. He shot her stupid ass so full of holes she couldn't hold water. They even called him "Frank Hamer"….which he never was called. He was Pancho Hamer. Hollywood SUCKS and always has.

  8. If you are into the history of Bonnie and Clyde, this the WORST movie you could watch. I suggest you check out "The Highwaymen" This movie is just BS.

  9. A fantastic film about a bunch of two bit grifters who never made more than $3500 and spent most of their time robbing gas and liquor stores while murdering family men who were doing their jobs.

  10. released in 1960s yet i still have to pay. remember folks copyright infringement generally lasts 70 years so i'll be back in 2030 to watch . money means everything so i will wait and watch other free things til it becomes a public release.

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