1. If brazil does 10 shots to goal's mirror is almost normal. Not so if they don't get a shot to their goal. Brazil serbia 9-0 shots to goal…😲🙂

  2. Who will win the world Cup if teams like Brazil regain their lost formation and glory ! This will be hard to predict ! BUT I SAY SHINE BRAZIL SHINE 💯❤️💯AWAKE FROM THE DEEP SLEEP!

  3. പോസ്റ്റ്‌ തട്ടിയില്ലേൽ 4-0 ആണ് മാച്ച് സുമ്മ അല്ലടാ ബ്രസീൽ da നായ്‌മർ ഉയിർ 😍

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