Brazil vs. South Korea Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup


Brazil and South Korea faced each other in the knockout stages of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Brazil dominated from the opening whistle.

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  1. Did Brazil team already forget 7-1 knockout by Germany? Pleasr learn how to show the respect to your oppenent. Germany didn't celebrate like you.

  2. Brazil's bs penalty is the only reason its 4-1. Without the penalty, 2-1 or maybe even go to penalty kicks. Multiple times refs didn't call penalties for Korea too.

    Brazil played really well, beautiful even, I can admit that, but you also have to admit that the refs had a bias.

  3. Pésimo servicio del árbitro🤦
    El segundo gol nunca fue un penalti 🙅al contrario debió ser falta del Brasil ☝️ & , pero que Galazooo de South Korean eh 👏👍

  4. It would’ve been easy for Korea to give up in the second half and just pack it in, but they showed a lot of class. Good on them.

    That being said, good luck to any team that has to play Brazil. Lol. Absolutely jogo bonito.

  5. As a Chinese to my fellow Koreans, brazil team is not better than yours. Korean team just had a bad start, and some bad luck. Destroy them next time

  6. That Samba dance celebration was fun to watch for the 1st goal but the 2nd, the 3rd, and 4th dances were just disrespecting to other teams. And great respect for the Korean team for their impeccable effort.

  7. What a show man Neymar, he totally acted like it was a tackle when it was NOT. The penalty should not have been given. It's a critical error made by the referee.

  8. Well winners are grinders but don’t the Brazilians arrogantly rub opposition faces in it with their post goal antics. To me honest the coach/manager should have received a yellow card for his dancing performance. I wonder if a team will do a Germany on them..

  9. In these tournaments where play ramps up so quickly. Chemistry and team is so so important. The squads who truly become a team seem to always succeed. This Brazil team looks like they truly get along and have a genuine love for one another. From how they play to how they speak on one another, there seems to be a genuine team vibe. If they continue to play this way, whoa idk who can beat them. They dispatched a well organized, solid Korean team like they weren't even there at times. I truly don't know what else Korea could have done, great tournament for South Korea and Brazil rolls on. Would love to see a Beazil v France or v Portugal.

  10. As a Brazilian, I felt so bad when the referee gave the penalty to Brazil; with all my heart I wished that Neymar would purposely have kicked the ball out.I knew Brazil was going to beat Korea but I didn't want the penalty goal.

  11. VS Ghana lost goals at 24min、34min,VS Portugal lost goal at 5min,then VS Brazil lost goals at 7min、13min… South Korea needs to handle this problem.

  12. Japan was the black horse in this world cup beating Spain and qualifying first on the team and going above Germany not many national teams can beat Spain Japan you were the black horse in the world cup

  13. with the exception of the penalty kick, which was questionable, Brazil performed brilliantly today. scoring at least 3 times (the penalty kick was a freebie that the arbiter gave the Brazilian team), Brazil shows its strength agility power and talent. they are a formidable team this 2022 Fifa World Cup and they are likely to reach the very finals. South Korea played well, they just did not pressured Brazil enough. Brazil kept making moves and had greater ball time. Brazil had control of the ball and, thus, of the game also. The time when the Brazilian player plays with the ball with his head is just incredible and funny. Amazing he ends up scoring after playing with the ball on his head. South Korea did managed to score toward the end and wow! what a goal it was. Coming from far away at high speed, the gate keeper could not stop it. So South Korea deserves credit. They played well. Sadly only one team advances to the finals. Congratulations to Brazil for its fine performance. Thanks

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