BREAKING: Carlos Correa agrees to 13-year, $350M deal with San Francisco Giants | SC with SVP


Shortstop Carlos Correa and the San Francisco Giants have agreed on a 13-year, $350 million contract, a source familiar with…

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  1. Stupid. Average player at best, thug with an attitude, cheater and injury prone. 13 years?? You are going to pay a 40 year old on the IL 30 million?

  2. way too much money for a player to not have one season of stats to back up his contract. Never had 100 runs batted in. Never hit 30 home runs in a season. Too many average players getting overpaid.

  3. It's scary if Larry and the front office thinks this is enough. Still have 50million more to spend this year if we want to compete with San Diego and LA. They need to spend more to make us giants fans happy. I expect to see 2-3 more sizable deals before I get excited about 2023. Alot of catching up to do payroll/talent wise

  4. SO glad that the Cubs did not sign Correa! One player cannot win a world series. Use those $$ to get a decent short stop and a pitcher or even two pitchers. The money the Cubs did NOT spend on Correa will go a long way to making the Cubs a more complete TEAM.

  5. The Giants couldn’t get Giancarlo Stanton,Aaron Judge,Bryce Harper or Juan Soto. Carlos is like 4th or 5th backup plan for them. The Giants has to over paid Carlos. Weather the Giants got Carlos or not-they’re still going be in 3rd or 4th place this coming season behind the Dodgers and the Padres. The Giants should have waited next year for Ohtani-imagine getting him as 2 player for the price of 1. Ohtani is an all star as a hitter and a pitcher. I rather overpaid for Ohtani than Carlos.

  6. It's a good start and good deal. No more make shift, utility infield for Giants with Correa signing (ie 1b – Flores/Davis, 2b – Estrada, SS – Crawford, 3b – Correa), because it was causing errors on defense. Now, they need a established center fielder that can leadoff to eradicate the putrid OF defense allowing Kapler to platoon his current players in corner OF positions.

  7. The guy has averaged ~100 games played per year. Granted, part of that was the covid year but the guy is far from durable. The Giants will be lucky to get 5 solid years from this guy.

  8. Awful contract, dude has played in 140 games twice in his life, his OPS in seasons the Astros didn't cheat isn't nearly as impressive as when he knows what pitch is coming, his defense is slipping, his walk rate is way down…this contract is an albatross and he doesn't deserve it. Plus he's a grade-A tool.

  9. Another stupid contract. Have fun paying him 27 million a year from ages 35-41 when his production will plummet and he wont be able to stay healthy.

  10. This has to be the WORST contract ever given out in MLB history! Correa is the most OVERRATED player in baseball! He has NEVER had a 30+ home run season! He has NEVER had 100 RBIS! He's a career .279 hitter. 26 home runs is his career high! He always misses a bunch of games every year!!! He almost got what Judge did in terms of total money and he isn't on the same planet as Judge as far as productivity!! Absolutely ridiculous!!

  11. This the most laughable contract I've seen so far. I like how the Vagiants are legally gonna let Correa walk in there and rob them.

  12. Correa now u gotta deal with the dodgers the upcoming Padres n that hard East I don't see u in the playoffs for a while

  13. I’ll be surprised if he plays over 1,000 games in those 13 years…given his track record of injuries. Wish him the best but i sincerely feel Astros and Twins dodged a bullet. WAR may be high but what good is that when you can’t play the games your supposed to?

  14. It's don't know the last time I cared about baseball and out of a group of friends that enjoy sports, don't know anyone who even watches it anymore. The game is slow and for the most part uneventful. It's flat out boring. I don't know how baseball teams can afford, or even want to pay these contracts with the was viewership is trending.

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