By the Numbers: Mass shootings in 2022 l ABCNL

A look at the numbers behind the mass shootings of 2022, the deadliest year on record at this point of the year so far. ABC News…

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  1. Talk about all the defensive shootings there have been this year bud. Because there’s more of those than there are “mass shootings”

  2. It’s a sick world we have ever had more shootings than what president Obama and Biden and then strict gun control acts took place and after we had less current rates Biden been president year and a half 205 shootings same age males same weapons they’re all unemployed I have no money But two weeks before the shootings they went out borrow $1400 gun body armor ammo and went to a school once the laws get passed take our guns away miraculously does shooting star but Biden he had nothing to do with Ukraine or his son Hunter where they instill the puppet regime to taking billions of dollars from Ukraine in certain weapons and guns to kill women and children but hey you can’t do that and United States because we’re taking all your guns away but we’ll send everything we have to kill women and children to Ukraine because of the evil evil Russia Russia Trump Russia gas prices Russia food prices Russia’s the bogeyman I was stupid and sick are the Democrats come on man President Biden is insane like Nancy Pelosi started World War III with China

  3. America Doesnt Learn Well They Need To Learn From Canada Ban Weapons & Take Weapons From People That Way No One Will Have It If Your Caught With An Illegal Weapon You Will Face Stiffer Punishment

  4. Another scumbag loser with an assault rifle and a high capacity magazine. Good for indiscriminate killing, not much else.

  5. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. i admit that problem i might have….so i can grow mentally…if i deny it…im the one with a problem that become fatal…and could cost my freedom…something i would have to admit to myself..

  7. The "harsh reality" is white men have only committed, what two three of them. Who committed the other over 300 shootings. Can I get at least one description other than "teens" or "juveniles"?

  8. then the thought of a black man ..physically growing from a suupose to be drug=esctasy….prove to much…the world" theres people all over the world …if the knew that…then they would freak out..because they would know the whites that are racist could have something to do with permanent medical issues…they have themselves…all in Korea…Africa..different countries…all over..but you dont suppose to get upset..or protect yourself…you cant be a need extradonary strength to love…from the holy spirit..even though gaining that strenght ..applying it could cost your life

  9. most blacks dont know alot of whites becoming programmers…do to the hate of blacks…to…have more money than they could imagine…most blacks are ignorant…to ignorant..they deserve that outcome….im a little ignorant…i fight with myself to change that…but then at time i know im just alot of envoius,sick jealous people..

  10. smh…familes upsetim attractive..they got kids they want to be happy…so everyone come together to upset me …do something terrible..i dont personally know a judge or famous enough to be known….hated by cops…the kkk..alot of blacks..some of them women ..upset because i'm attractive i fit in better than they do…everyone come together for my incarceration…some judge me ..found out im everybit of star…sit around all day in groups waitning until i move to find and provoke me into committing a murder…all these mind verse me…

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