Carlos Correa reportedly signs 13-year deal with Giants


MLB Network insider JP Morosi breaks down Carlos Correa’s reported monster deal with the San Francisco Giants and what this…

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  1. I'm sorry but no player in MLB is worth more then a 8 year deal, after 7 you just reevaluate his worth. That's just bad business giving away years and money like that…

  2. Hope the giants get the most out of him, if or when he slows down a bit down the road in a few years obviously, moving him to 3rd would be a good fit down the road if Marco Luciano ends up being a stud for sf and taking over SS

  3. These contracts are crazy around year 6 or 7 they will look like bad deals even Trout whos the best player in baseball but even his contract looks bad and it hasn't even been 5 years into his contract

  4. Teams make a horrible business decision over paying via these long term huge contracts for 1 player and completely muddy the water for every other team trying to have a balance of great players and winning seasons.

  5. What a stupid deal. 13 years for an overrated shortstop?

    Remember when the Giants won 3 rings with homegrown talent and a great coach?

  6. When will these big Teams not realize HUGE CONTRACTS mean no championships….After signing Judge,Correa,Nimmo,Bogaerts and Turner …You can't win when these guys eventually go down hurt and still cost you MILLIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention…there has only been one MLB Dynasty is the last 20 years and it's the Houston Astros and they don't sign DUMB CONTRACTS!!!! Imagine if they opened up their wallets….NOBODY have have a shot!!

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