Champions Classic: Michigan State Spartans vs. Kentucky Wildcats | Full Game Highlights

Check out these highlights from the Champions Classic game between Michigan State and Kentucky. Spartan forward Joey Hauser put on a show with 23 PTS & 8 REB in their 86-77 victory over the Wildcats. ✔️Subscribe to ESPN+
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  1. This game was awesome, Kentucky has some dawgs but my goodness I am excited about this spartan team and what they can do this year. Just watch Izzo at the in bounds play at the end or the first overtime, literally just chillin on the announcers table having complete faith in his guys to execute that play and push it to another OT.

  2. As a Gonzaga fan I was a little worried about the fact that we struggled against an unranked team. Turns out that unranked team should have been ranked all along.

  3. Sitting here with my popcorn waiting on all the unrealistic UK fans excuses after seeing on social media they were making fun of Gonzaga for only winning by 2 ,saying they would blow MSU out! And that they were the real #1

  4. Great game!!!! A lot of good interesting prospects in this game! Talked about it more on my Yotube channel, check it out for the full breakdown!!!!!!!

  5. I am a Kentucky fan who wants to talk to some of my fellow Kentucky fans. Give some credit to your opponents! Are there things we could have done better? Of course; there always will be. I am pumped because Oscar is physically good; and this team is only going to get better. We got nothing from Livingston, and very little from Reeves and Frederick. How often do you think that is going to happen? All that said, Michigan State did what they do and they did it well.

  6. I’m a Kentucky fan I and I don’t usually hate on coach cal but I think he made some poor decisions by not taking a time out when we had possessions in OT and also not putting in certain players. I thought it was poor decisions but Go cats. One heck of game.

  7. Wow! I wish I had watched this game. Exciting stuff. Tshiebwe is a beast. But really? Fouling with 2 seconds left and down by 7? How are you going to score 3 times in 2 seconds?

  8. Yes Oscar has a great game but he was responsible for both OTs and the loss. He was supposed to guard Hall who dunked to tie it for first OT. Then he had the poor screen which led to him fouling out.

  9. I hate that Kentucky lost but I will say that was a great game. I honestly don't know why anyone would call that an upset because to be honest it's wrong Tom izzo and Michigan state was underrated.he should've been a top ten team he's a legendary coach because he might not get top high school players like we do at Kentucky but he sure makes good players.what about won them the game at Gonzaga and won against Kentucky was izzos play calling he made some good plays in clutch moments. But I still think Kentucky will have a good season I really like our team so far.

  10. Michigan states execution was amazing Tom Izzo coached a great game as well Kentucky had a good gameplan but overtime they were outcoached and outplayed congrats Michigan state 💯

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