Choosing keto foods: what to eat and avoid

What are the best foods to eat on a keto diet? In this video, Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt our best tips for choosing keto foods.

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  1. When I was young (And relatively healthy, outside of my food choices, 220 pounds and low HDL) eating excessive fat helped me. Carbs have an addictive quality to me and eating all the fat (And calories) I wanted was exactly what was right for me at that point. Because overcoming the carb addiction was very hard, fat was like methadone or another medication that helps with addiction.

    Then, I stalled, so I had to moderate this and that. Then, for years I've been at 50-100 carbs and now that I'm smaller and have more experience im in a position to moderate my fat.

    I think for a lot of people they're in medical danger or they won't stay motivated if the results are slow, but for me, sustainability was the key. I think some of my success has been because my emphasis has been on how I FEEL (Inflammation), avoiding binges, and exercising for my mental health (also inflammation. Interesting, right?) Instead of calories or weight.

    The appropriate choices are based on the individual. Health risks the top priority. But if you think eating moderate fat with the very low carbs is more than you can handle and quit, (And it's medically approved) then some people might benefit from only focusing on carbs at the beginning until they're in the swing of things. Please just don't go back to eating large quantities of food that are ruining your quality of life.

  2. Hey guys,
    I love this dr.
    The Keto diet or ketogenic diet is a system based on eating fat versus reducing carbohydrate intake, as reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat will help more in the burning process. The idea of Keto diet Simply: The idea of this diet revolves around reducing carbohydrates by a large percentage, to less than 50 grams per day, and after a few days of following this system, the body will not find the fuel it needs from the amount of sugar in the blood usually provided by carbohydrates. Thus, the body begins to use fat and protein to obtain the energy it needs, burning a greater amount of stored fat, and thus the body loses a large percentage of fat. But it is not recommended to follow this diet except under medical supervision and for short periods, so as not to affect your health negatively. Keto is a great diet. I lost 20kg following this program with Keto. You need to know your daily protein, fat, and carbohydrate plan. To find out that, there is this very simple free custom diet plan here 7dayplan or get your full plan with videos and personal medical consultant here The Custom Keto Diet
    Hope you find your best program to achieve your happiness!

  3. The whole idea of eating a variety of foods, while a very good one for most
    people, fails for those of us who have many food dislikes. There is
    nothing published for those of us who must eat carbohydrates. I am
    successfully in ketosis, after first failing, in spite of my food
    dislikes, and there is no place to publish what I have discovered. I
    tried to do this at the most popular ketogenic forum, and they banned me
    because they didn't want to know what I've learned. Is it really true
    that there are no other people like me, who have initial difficulty with
    ketogenic diets?

  4. I'm 65 and 180 pounds overweight. I've been taking a blood thinner due to arrhythmia from A-fib, and the episodes were getting worse and more frequent. So, instead of going to my GP, I went to a cardiologist. He insisted I take a blood pressure medicine, even though I objected due to the fact that my BP is still in the normal range. I gave in and took it. Well, the dose was so high my BP dropped to levels that couldn't be read on a cuff… and my chest felt like someone was vacuuming my heart right out of my body. I nearly passed out in the shower, and truly thought for a short period that I was going to die. My wife wanted me to go to the ER but I refused. I quit taking the meds and swore to never go back to that guy. Then I thought, if I am ever going to truly get away from these idiots, I'm going to have to lose the weight… even though I've been obese for 30 years. Otherwise, I would end up in their offices more and more as I get older. For the first time, I am actually motivated to lose weight.

    I went on a keto-like diet, cutting out potatoes and bread on day one and staying away from sweets, sodas, desserts, and between-meal snacks. I established some order to my eating habits. Two eggs and a banana or an apple for breakfast, salad for lunch and for supper a piece of chicken, pork or beef with steamed vegetables. My wife says it's extremely boring cooking for me now… but I've lost 20 pounds in the first month and I feel better than I have in years. My sleep apnea has lessened, my arrhythmia has reduced in intensity and frequency, and I feel energized. My food rewards are things like eggplant parm or a piece of sausage with some pasta… but not too much.

  5. I have done Atkins (Keto) since 1992, except for about 3 years where I was strict carnivore. NEVER felt optimum, never had mental clarity, etc. In fact, always had cramps. My Hashimoto's got worse. I lost weight and put it back on, etc. Sleep was bad, blood glucose was 100 to 120 all the time. Wore a CGM for 3 months, did all manner of fasting. The only thing that worked was putting carbs back in. I worked with Eskimos for 30 years and know they lived off whale (watched a village drag one up on a beach and butcher it in the 80's) and other meats. But even though I have more Neanderthal than 90% of people, that was LONG AGO. A lot has changed. And I personally cannot live like that and I would rather feel good at almost 73 than be skinny! Good sleep beats looking "ripped" as you youngsters say. Tired of suffering for imaginary theories and rationalizing why an extreme diet is correct for all. I know many who do have to justify making money off it.

  6. This pretty much descrives Atkins. I can't wait to get back to this. I remember when I did it about 15 years ago I felt amazing. Waking up not tired was a shock. I had issues being the only way eating that way in a family of 5 so over time I fell back to the normal American diet. I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

  7. Something that doesn't correlate for me (type 1 diabetic with CGM) is that hunger/satiety doesn't match anything to do with insulin levels (rising/falling/whatever), but is directly correlated with blood sugar levels (high = satiated, low = hungry).
    Without the spikes in blood sugar from carb-heavy meals when trying keto, I actually feel hungrier and eat more (caveat 1: I'm not overweight and am not trying to lose weight – just trying to stabilize my blood sugar levels, caveat 2: All non-weight-gain negative side-effects of blood sugar spikes and associated [injected] insulin spikes match those that keto proposes to solve).
    Any suggestions here as to what might be going on – what could I ask my primary healthcare provider to look for or help me with?

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  9. Diet doctor because of keto diet I lost muscle mass. How to regain it.
    I'm 44 male and non diabetic. Just wanted to lose belly fat.

    Kindly help…

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