1. The US (and the rest of the world) must be obliged to those three Jews that greatly contributed to its national security, each from his position at critical times, namely Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Teller.

  2. in perspective, a nuclear holocaust- not such a good thing but preventable
    perhaps mankind could have survived such in a very different world- " survival" of a dubious nature
    the current and decades long affecting climate shifts, all the thawing/ melting, the changes of the AMOC , etc. are definitely unstoppable/ irreversible . . . it's the prelude to the human extinction event. . . forced to revert to feral hunter gather-er day to day survival , tribal warring back to using stick and rocks

    your grandchildren are not going to inherit our world as we've enjoyed it

  3. A lot of this, like Teller supporting the Hydrogen Bomb, comes from a lot of motivation for developing these weapons was to avoid a technological surprise. The research was justified based on this premise. …and by the way in Los Alamos, they say it as "Loss All Ah Moahse," or jokenly "Lost Almost."

  4. Watching the BBC mini series from 1980 with Sam Waterston and documentary in preparation of the Christopher Nolan big screen vision to be released in July 2023 starring Irish actor Cillian Murphy as lead scientist of the Manhattan Project and the father of The Atomic Bomb!

  5. I love how Nolan's filmography often parallels Kubrick, perhaps the two greatest visionaries in cinema…

    2001 (Kubrick)
    Interstellar (Nolan)

    Paths of Glory (Kubrick)
    Dunkirk (Nolan)

    Dr. Strangelove (Kubrick)
    Oppenheimer (Nolan)

    Spartacus (Kubrick)
    The Dark Knight (Nolan)

    A Clockwork Orange (Kubrick)
    Memento (Nolan)

  6. Interstellar had Gargantua, and black holes are considered creators/destroyers.
    Fun fact: Oppenheimer and Snyder, Oppenheimer/Tolman/Volkov all predicted gravitational collapse from a Neutron Star to become—wait for it—a black hole.
    Now, this unwitting father of black holes who is the creator of the Atomic Age and Destroyer is once again revisited by Nolan in a direct way: Oppenheimer.
    Nolan set us all on this road from Interstellar. 😅

  7. At a time where nuclear war is always a possibility, with events like Hiroshima have already happened, this movie comes at a desperate time to make people understand just how scary nuclear ware fare could be.

  8. I am excited to see this movie about the man who was the inventor of the atomic age and have been waiting for someone to tell the story of this man who is very well known in history today.

  9. If Oppenheimer, had marched in sync with Nazi Germany the way he did with the USSR post-WW2, plus had been mobbed up for many years with known Nazis, the FBI (and Teller) would have treated him the exact same way, but Hollywood would have given him the opposite treatment. Hmmm.

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