1. A few things – 1) Trump is not the president anymore, therefore this is a non-issue. He did business overseas so it makes sense he has foreign bank accounts. 2) Biden has been accused of money laundering and tax evasion and there's pretty good evidence of it from the Hunter laptop. Why no investigation into that? 3) How can Congress just up and decide that they can release a private citizen's financial information with any regard to privacy laws? Democrats keep inching closer to fascism and you keep letting them.

  2. 2017 0 tax paid why no tax paid that year because the economy was booming under Trumps presidency in 2017 and Trump was making tens of millions out of his Hotels Apartment sales Casinos Clubs and Golf Courses . .

  3. Biden & others still don't get it – the GOP is largely a DTO & BRAINWASHED CULT, disconnected from reality, facts & truth. They need to be treated that way. You can't reason with them until they can acknowledge reality, logic, facts – and not the warped kind they subject themselves to.

  4. 🏌🧊🐟🐟🐟🐟the fish always stinks from the head downwards 🐟🐟🐟🐟🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊🧊transparent .If Donald Trump is 🌎👁 seen to be above, and beyond the law, immune from consequences of alleged criminality, why should people believe in the process, and implementation of laws into justice system? Why will any one be motivated to tell the truth? All for one, and one for all, isn't that what the movies led us to believe! Or, if your very wealthy, you can pay your way into power, the Presidents position, and get away with blue murder. abuse the process, show contempt, and use/abuse the 5 th. to hide the truth. 👃 it stinks.

  5. First of all, I hope Trump goes to prison if he fraudulently avoiding paying his taxes. But, at 2:00, when talking about COMPANY taxes (not personal taxes), this is a ridiculous claim, and shows how outlandish CNN is. It's very common for businesses to have their expenses be exactly what their income is. And, as the sole owner of an S-corp myself, I can say that, by definition, the company is to make $0 in profit, because every dime of profit is passed through to my personal K1, and the company makes $0.00. I routinely pay out whatever is left on the company's books at the end of the year from the company's bank account to my personal bank account, and pay personal tax on it. A C-corp has the option of balancing out to zero, just like an S-corp, or else it pays corporate tax. But, an S-corp is REQUIRED to pass every dime through, and there is no such thing as making any profit in a C-corp (because that profit gets passed through as a K1).

  6. So there you go people, he has paid more taxes than all of you complaining. Now go after nancy, biden, hunter, Schumer, McConnell and all of the crooked people in Congress.

  7. Translation: What Trump said in debates against Hillary was true, that her donors, and other rich people like Trump, can pay very little taxes by staying within the law, because it's designed to help rich donors like Sam Bankman Fried and George Soros. And the "failure" of the IRS is that, yet again, there's no criminal act to find here in yet another witch hunt.

  8. donald trump paid all his chinese taxes bills in full like a responsible citizen of china, but did not pay his fair share of taxes truthfully in america. wow

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  10. SSDD! Nothing new here! The same Jewish bankers investment firms that control The Baron Rothschild World Banking greed! Is the same Aipac' Likud Party Pro Israel Netanyahu 2003 Gaza war Crimes supporters ! Jared Kushner NYC and many U.S cities black neighbirhood slumlords paid no taxes! Why he lobbied Jerusalem a capitol in OCCUPIED PALESTINE GENOCIDE APARTHEID that is not mention here on the six major news and social media owned by the same Jewish grifters in charge of U..S politics! Lock them all up!

  11. CNN your credibility is less than zero. Give us one reason why anything you say should ever be believed? Why are you still on TV with as many lies as she have told the American people.

  12. I owed the IRS $60.00 from last year’s tax filing. They sent letters out to me weekly. I mean weekly and consistently until I paid them. The DOUBLE STANDARD when it comes to RICH and PRIVILEGE vs BROKE and POOR is real in the USA!

  13. Lol, so now, it's back to Trump's taxes, it's bad enough you put us through multiple show trials of the January 6th committee. and yet you STILL haven't found him guilty of anything, the phrase "living rent free in your heads" is an understatement, lol

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