Cooper Lawrence provides an update on the investigation into Aaron Carter's death | Sunrise

Aaron Carter rose to fame in the late 90s and went on to become one of the world’s biggest child stars, but his life in the spotlight was far from glamorous. Over the weekend, at the age of 34, the American singer died at his California home, leaving his young family heartbroken. Get the latest news »
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  1. Lol @ “his fiancé is smart.” She knew she was having a kid with someone who had addiction. Now she’s somehow smart for taking custody from him because he had a drug problem?

  2. He claimed he was not taking drugs before he died when he uploaded a video of him slurring his words, autopsy doesn’t lie but Aaron does !!

  3. Addiction is such an insane stronghold. I battled a cycle off and on for 18years. Grew up fast and in a dysfunctional family. I had my 1st son at 15. It was the hardest battle I ever faced. It’s been 4 years since I surrendered and really began to fight on another level. I feel sad for Aaron. He made alot of bad choices/ comments on social media, lies, pushed good people away etc. You lose yourself in addiction, sometimes not truly knowing who you are without substances. And unfortunately the greatest love Gods blesses us with, our children , are not enough to stop. and It’s not even that the addict doesn’t care or doesn’t want to stop. Such a sad situation. Prayers to his family for comfort and strength especially his baby boy.

    Aaron had an addiction to computer duster and Xanax
    Melanie doesn’t even have custody of Prince, her mother does!
    Far out do your research correctly not just for a quick broadcast of Aaron who’s trending in the media at the moment. Rip AC

  5. Now he’ll never have the chance to experience all the peace, love, and happiness he’d been robbed of for most of his life and so deserved. Especially considering that besides all the “luck” he had in his early career, he was given a difficult and painful lot in life due to a myriad of reasons such as f-Ed up parents and family life as well as addiction and mental illness. It’s so unfair that this would happen just when his life could’ve been looking up now that he’s become a father! Why does that seem to happen so often to young people? 😞 I just hope he can be happy now and that he child will be well looked after and be granted a much easier, healthier, and happier life. RIP dear Aaron.

  6. I believe he was murdered-! Just like Whitney-!! And just like Whitney's daughter-!!! All in the same manner. BLESSINGS, FOLKS.
    Please look to Jesus, He is the only way you gettin out of here, period.

  7. Lol! “Lizzie McGuire connection”. Her name is Hilary Duff. Something about this lady doesn’t sit right with me. Her friends wouldn’t have been listening to Back Street Boys or Aaron Carter. She looks like she listens to Sting.

  8. Hate to break it to you newspeople but people who watched his insanity for years and years will not remember him as the younger, hotter, edgier brother. Most people know him as the super troubled borderline insane washed up child star who was very toxic right up until the day he died.

  9. “Honest about his struggles..”
    He also said he’s 5 years clean and sober. Why even get up in front of a camera and report on something you clearly know nothing about?

  10. Tbh Cooper is being a bit dramatic, anyone with eyes new Aaron was on a really dark path, he never seemed happy or content with himself, and I hope he now has peace!!

  11. I don’t know who this is but she got it all wrong. For example his addiction wasn’t an opioid although he definitely dabbled in it when he shouldn’t have. His addiction was to Xanax and duster unfortunately. Xanax mixed with an opioid is deadly I can imagine duster would be the same. I wonder if that Dentist he was seeing not too long ago prescribed him opioids being unaware of the Xanax he took.

  12. It is enough to make you cry. I cried a little but stayed strong. Aaron was trying to improve himself, but whatever he did was not enough to save him. May he rest in peace.

  13. Now that he's dead people are shining a spotlight on him, when for years now his so called haters have been trying to get him to go to rehab and open his eyes to all the yes men and enablers around him who were indulging his addictions. Melanie, Check the Star, Spencer etc. they should all be called out!! He was on IG and TikTok daily doing the craziest stuff and no one cared, but now that he's dead all of a sudden people want to report. Tragic. His poor son Prince now has to go through this as well after all he's been through already. RIP AC.

  14. Wow, did these people do ANY research on Aaron before this? They seem to know nothing that those who are familiar with the last few years of his life do.

  15. Didn't see this coming? What? Have you watched his social media LIVES? Surprised this happened? Only surprising thing is this did not happen much sooner.

  16. Didn't see this coming? In the course of your journalistic investigation with your inside sources did you think of maybe watching some youtube video compilations of Aaron Carter. I know long gone are the days that you can forcibly make someone get help but this was not a surprise. His decline mentally and physically was on full display on social media. All these celebs die with so many people around them just getting their paychecks while they can. Sad.

  17. The maid kept the neighbors out when they wanted to help! Maybe she wanted to kill him because…let's see, she'll lose her job, she won't inherit unless she's in the will and… nope, I guess not.

  18. The parents should be ashamed that they said they should have seen that this kid was slipping yes 34 is an adult but when it's your child you should do something and then he said that they spent all of his money and they didn't put any in trust and he probably didn't have any skills from doing all of that traveling and performing

  19. A good Father?? He hasn't had custody of his child since his baby was a month old. 9 hours per week SUPERVISED visitation. His "Fiance" doesn't have custody either. Her Mother has custody. He was huffing duster and doing Xanax. Here's a good idea, maybe do a little research before you do a story.

  20. In the last few live you can see the comments of hate and mockery of many people. How is it possible that all those people see a broken person and continue with such cruel comments. Something must be done with all those people who are capable of bringing another human being to end his life.

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