1. Cowboys are playing like the Lions in the past few weeks. Defense is giving up the same amount of pts as the offense is scoring. Is it sustainable?

  2. Some remind these dudes that just about all of Dallas secondary starters are out hurt except for Diggs. No duh they are going to give up passing yards when the 2nd and 3rd string players are in there.

  3. My Urgent News Alert regarding the mentality of the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, while I have no problem saying he is the weakest link in their run to the Superbowl, he is also the key to getting them to the designation they are seeking. Dak in my opinion is the most relentless quarterback, other than Patrick Mahomes who does not allow mishaps to prevent them from staying on course to win if time permits. Win or lose without sideline outbursts. Do you know what I mean?

  4. The cowboys defense is crushed under injuries, why do they keep yapping about health lol. Theyre missing their 2nd and 3rd corner(brown, lewis), top run stuffer(hankins) leading tackler(LVE) 6 sack DE (williams) plus parsons and diggs were on the report with the flu. Thats not a healthy team.

  5. Cowboys played great but 4 Minshew turnovers and his inability to see wide open deep receivers in a game that lost much of it's meaning for Philadelphia and they barely escaped with a win at home.

  6. Hurts plays you can argue none of those turnovers happen besides the miles fumble. Also we would have had WAY MORE YARDS on the ground. He may not have thrown for 355 but he would have made up for it with rushing. Hurts likely won’t win MVP due to injury but his impact was definitely felt in his absence. Especially in the run game like Greg said.

  7. "Dak beat the #2 defense" lmfao, the cowboys had 4 extra possessions on short fields due to turnovers, quit acting like he was orchestrating long drives. And he did this with Davis, Maddox, and CJGJ all out. Dak is and always has been mediocre but people love to build him up. Context is important

  8. People are forgetting though it wasn't just a matter of our defense getting torched we kept turning the ball over on offense and giving them great field position.. turnovers that would not happen if Jalen hurts was playing

  9. I'm a eagles fan I'm not gonna cry because y'all beat our backup QB like y'all did it was a good win but y'all can't be happy with the way that game went not having our starting QB and minshew step in and still have a chance to win them 2 int doesn't happen with Hurts because he running for that and not to mention settling for 3 points inside the 10 yard line Dallas better pray we don't meet again plus Maddox getting hurt in that game was huge

  10. We played the Eagles, not Jalen Hurts. Without the team who is Jalen Hurts? So we beat the Eagles right???? Everyone else was there right? Ok then, good win Boys!

  11. What is not mentioned is Cowboy have so many injuries on defense. They are down to their 3rd corner, Vander Esch was out. Most of them have been sick for 3 weeks.

  12. Why Nick keep talking about Dak's big bad "playoff experience" like he's Brady or Manning? Dak's playoff career is JUST AS unimpressive as Kirk Cousins'. First-round exit REGULARLY.

  13. Now background giggle guy is whistling too?! Why not just put him on screen and he’ll just sit there and giggle loudly and “react” to the show on camera… Don’t wanna do that?! It’d be weird?! It’s just as weird to have that happening off screen. SHUT. UP.

  14. A little more confident in offense but, still a concerning INT by Dak. More concerned about the defense. Allowed 34 points to a backup QB and an offense that could up the ball 4 times.

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