CPI numbers show rent growth accelerating, while real-time figures reflect easing

Diana Olick joins “Power Lunch” to discuss September’s CPI report on rent, the lag between Fed numbers and real-time data, and general rent space trends. To access live and exclusive video from CNBC, subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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  1. Owner's equivalent rent, used in CPI was understated for months. Now it is catching up to actual rents that skyrocketed but was not captured in the CPI rent calculation. Had CPI used actual rent prices, inflation would have been double digits over the past several months.

  2. Most new rental properties in the works (physically seen in Seattle) are marketed for higher income tenants. Although the supply is increasing the demand is only coming from a small percentage of the population.

  3. The democrats screwed all the landlords for 3 years. Most using covid to not pay their rent. Screw me once but not the 2nd time. Payback time. Sooner or later it all evens out.

  4. A guest on The Wall Street Journal Report spoke sometime last week about making over $931,000 in 4months with a capital of $160,000, which made me realize that as a beginner i have alot to learn, so please assist me with any pointers or tips that would help me make this much profit.

  5. The FED and the labor department which issues the CPI report, which is always lagging months behind, is like a blind guiding a blind. we are in big trouble with these knuckleheads FED officials who literally determine our future. ☹

  6. US rents were down in September by -2.5%, for the first time this cycle, while housing prices have peaked months ago.
    Jobs market and wages are well on their way down and commodities have been crashing for six months.

    Jerome isn't looking for a soft landing, that's already happening, but for a severe recession to inflict pain, devastate the jobs market to hurt the US economy and the Biden administration before the midterms.

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