CPI Seen Keeping 75 Basis Point Fed Hike on the Table

Inflation in the US is likely to be only mildly subdued in October data to be released Thursday, and yet another top forecast could undermine expectations for the Federal Reserve to downshift after steep rate hikes. Kathleen Hays reports on Bloomberg Television. ——– Follow Bloomberg for business news and analysis, current market data, features, profiles and more: http://www.bloomberg.com
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  1. Fed will pivot in Feb next year, if the Russia Ukraine war continues and US send aid package from borrowing a lot more, I don't think Fed will consider stopping the raise, and what I said few days back is going to come true, US debt reaching 35 trillions is far more easier now.

  2. I don't understand, why all these analysts are so obsessed with interest rate hike without knowing consequences. Rate of interest decreased in 2nd quarter of 2020 and inflation was start increasing at end of 2021. There is always lag effect of interest rate hike in economy. Please have some patience

  3. Sigh. Powell's Fed is The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.
    Powell's a lawyer, not an economist. And his amateurishness created this crisis and is deepening it.
    Here's what real economists say:
    1. Current Fed rate is federal funds rate is currently 3.7% to 4%. We need 6.5% to begin to tame inflation. Powell's timid incrementalism is prolonging this crisis and spooking markets and consumers.
    2. Inflation is not cost-push. Gas prices moderated for three months and inflation still kept climbing during that period.
    3. Fed needs to stop financing our debt with short-term bonds and go with long-term (thirty year) bonds so the cost of debt repayment can be more reliably calculated. It's the difference between financing your house purchase through a five-year adjustable rate mortgage and hoping the rate doesn't jump at the end of five years, and locking in a rate at thirty years.
    The longer inflation goes on, the more persistent it tends to be, and the more severe the eventual remedy. This is why Volcker's Fed had to shock our economy with an 18% interest rate and two recessions during the early 1980s. Cut out the tumor now while it's small or wait a few more years when it's metastasized.

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