CPI: The Fed is ‘reacting very aggressively,’ economist says

#FederalReserve #CPI #inflation #yahoofinance MKM Partners Chief Economist & Macro Strategist Michael Darda joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Julie Hyman, Brad Smith and Brian Sozzi to weigh in on September CPI data and how the Federal Reserve could respond. Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture Elizabeth Holmes Built WATCH HERE:

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  1. The central bank is acting in accord with it's mandate and has to and Bernanke knew this 12 years ago when they decided to float the stock market.

  2. You didn't mind there deeply lagging indicators before, so what happened; I know you just want zero rates again to save the stock mkt. It's time Americans got decent interest for their savings accounts, it's time risk takers got burned for being irresponsible instead of being rewarded. Will people get hurt, 100% as they should for taking on so much debt. Even folks that bought RE @ 3% will get burned becuase over spent and even now they are missing utility pymts and racking up huge CC balances.

  3. If we enter a hyperinflation state it's because of guys like this.. scaring the fed into not doing their job. 5%? how about 12,000% like 1920's germany.

    The unemployment rate must go up for inflation to go down — not the other way around. Otherwise, we'll have a wage-price spiral.

  4. inflation is still very high even with the high interest rates and the unemployment is really low. not sure what other solutions this guy is proposing. seems like a fed bashing video.

  5. They need to raise much more until the demand is weakening and we get lower prices. Until then the inflation will he very high. Inflation is a much bigger risk then a recession. You need every once in a while a recession to cool of the economy and weed out the bad companies

  6. ludicrous Biden Admin good for nothing just bulldozing through their interest rate hikes even though the still getting higher CPI shows their traditional method is only worsening the situation

  7. If the democrat FBI is going to be roving the countryside looking for presidential documents, then Barack Obama’s residence must be next. By now, you all know about the federal raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, executed under the pretense of document retrieval. The left wing FBI deployed many armed agents to find documents for the National Archives. The political elites don’t want Trump to run again, and they used their allies at the Department of Justice to deliver that warning. Left wing FBI Agents broke into the safe, manhandled Melania Trump’s thong panties, and absconded with boxes of supposed documents meant for preservation, but barred Trump’s lawyers from overseeing the search.

    All of this over some reported missing records—it’s just waggish that the feds would think we, the American people, would buy this narrative. I don’t think even the staunchest Trump hater even believes this line, with their main criticism being just that—the cover story isn’t plausible. It’s not, so then Obama’s house must be ransacked next because the issue tracking all his documents stems back to 2018. Troves of Obama files went missing, or they are in Michelle's boxer short drawer.

    Construction for the Obama library began last year, but before its opening, maybe we should check if he doesn’t have records tucked away at his Martha’s Vineyard estate. Barry wanted over 10,000 documents kept under seal. Boxes of papers from Mar-a-Lago were already returned to the National Archives last February, and the left wing feds still came down on Trump looking for anything to keep the Russian collusion myth alive—I mean, those precious presidential papers that just needed an escort by the Hoover brigade. It’s a circus. Obama's residences should be raided when the GOP regains executive control if we’re prying open safes of former presidents based on political bias!!!

  8. fed should pause to see if the inflation going down. Forward looking is they should do now given aggressive acting did not work. Putin strategy doesn't work.

  9. Nice video, I really appreciate your clear and simple breakdown on financial pitfalls! I lost so much on pCrypto's, but now making around $9000-$12000 every week trading different on stocks and Cryptocurrencies…

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